Investment Proof Verification System

A simple solution to handle your investment proof collection & verification process.
Use our intuitive application or avail our services to manage your verification process


  • Online submission of documents
  • Document preview appears in a single screen
  • Tagging of documents under respective investment categories for easy verification
  • Generate Form 12BB in a single click
  • Send reminder mails to employees who have not completed the process

How it works?

Employees receive an email for
submission of investment proof

Employees upload the
investment proofs

Verifier reviews the documents of investment and
accept/rejects the submission

A notification email is sent to the employees on completion
of review process

Export all the information
in excel and import
it in your payroll system



No paper work and
unnecessary printing


Employees with no access to PC
can also submit their documents


Hassle free verification of amount claimed against supporting documents


Option to make notes while rejection there by leaving no ambiguity to the process


Real time reporting and monitoring
on submissions and verfications


Employees can submit documents with
3 different due dates (Jan, Feb, Mar)

Outsource verification of the
investment proof to us and relax

  • Helps you save cost and time
  • Easy to use and makes entire payroll process flexible
  • Managed services help you reduce efforts and increase business productivity

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