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February 20, 2016
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What working women seek from the upcoming Budget 2016

The debate regarding equality among genders in the workspace is ongoing. Meanwhile, the working women have few expectations from the upcoming Budget 2016.


The article talks about the expectations of female workers from the upcoming Budget 2016. It elaborates on each expectation. These are tax exemptions for day-care expenses, exemptions for employing house help, deductions for expenses on self-defence training, separate deductions for expenses made on certain specified diseases related to women and single mothers need a higher tax exemption slab.

Working women don multiple roles. They have to depend on day care facilities for their children while they are away at work. Day care expenses add up to a hefty amount. Therefore, they feel that a tax exemption for these expenditures is required.

House help is another aspect of working woman’s life. Here, women expect special allowance to be added to their salary for an exemption up to a specific limit every month just like conveyance allowance.

Those women, who have to work in late night shifts are increasingly going for self-defence training. They seek some

deductions for such expenses as well from the upcoming budget.

The article further discusses on the deduction for expenses on treatment of certain diseases unique to women.

Apart from this, the article also points out the expectations of single mothers.

Source : DNA India | Financial express