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June 15, 2016
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TaxChat Tax Filing App: Product Launch by H&R Block

TaxChat app product launch was widely celebrated and featured in various media forms calling it an innovative, first of its kind tax filing app.


India’s first ever tax filing app is introduced by H&R Block, a company known for providing revolutionary solution to your tax problems. The launch of the app was featured in many media forms, and the app became a favourite topic to talk about amongst many. The app is said to be futuristic, featuring interactive user interface to simplify tax filing for people who do it on their own.

H&amp R Block launched the chat based tax filing app, TaxChat. The app is a free do it yourself tax filing solution, meant for individual tax filers. The introduction of the app featured in an article in ET Wealth, where they mentioned the app to be simple with an intuitive and interactive interface to simplify tax filing for individuals who prefer filing their tax returns by themselves. All the tax filers need to do is to chat with a ‘tax buddy’ for assistance. The article also mentioned the fact that the app is integrated with a we-platform, which means you can switch between different platforms, without losing your data.

The app is designed for salaried individuals and keeping in mind the fact that most of the people in India are smartphone users. Also, the app is easy and convenient to use on the go.

Source : Local Newspaper