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May 10, 2016
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May 15, 2016

Plan early to avoid last-minute hurry in making investments

Don’t wait for last-minute investments. Make early or systematic investment, choose the right product and earn good returns.

The article says that taxpayers should not wait for the last quarter of the financial year to make investments in tax saving products.
A lot of experts have provided their expert comments and Vaibhav Sankla, director of individual tax filing firm H&R Block, was also one of them.
According to Vaibhav Sankla, around 60-70% of the people plan their investments in the last quarter. The trend is clear because the fourth quarter of a financial year is the biggest quarter for most insurance companies.
The prevailing income tax laws permit an individual to make an investment of Rs. 1,50,000 in any of the available instruments. Financial planners say that most of the employees invest their money in the last quarter (January-March) of the financial year. To be more specific, many make their yearly investments only in March. According to financial planners, it is an ‘an ill-advised move.’
The article suggests that one should not wait till the fiscal-end, this results in selecting an unsuitable product. Moreover, last-minute investments will make you lose out on the interest you could have otherwise earned throughout the particular financial year.
The article also points out that people perhaps do not invest during the period, April to June, because they have other expenses to meet. For these people, best option is to breakdown the yearly investment into 12-monthly installments.

Source : The Times of India