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September 26, 2016
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No more Income Tax Hassles, Just E-file ITR

H&R Block is here to provide solutions to all the problems of taxpayers through their seamless tax filing solutions.


The month of July is nearing therefore, taxpayers have started getting worried about income tax chores. They are perplexed by the legal tax jargons. This article talks about the problems of taxpayers regarding the process of filing ITR and the solution to their problems.

The article suggests taxpayers that they should leverage technology, sit back and relax and put an end to inconvenient queues and negotiations. The solution to their problem can be achieved at just the click of a button. Expert Tax Preparation Service is the new norm in filing ITR online. Here, your taxes are prepared and then filed by experts.

This online service is instrumental in developing an in-depth customer understanding. Personalised attention leads to efficient e-filing of ITR.

The article says that H&R Block, India, is a pioneer in ITR filing services. The company offers free e-filing of returns, dedicated tax preparation services and refund assistance. Thus, they solve the problems of taxpayers, who lack knowledge about tax matters. They make sure their clients obtain maximum tax benefits and refunds.

Apart from this, the company educates clients on matters of tax through infographics, videos, etc.

Source : Huffington Post