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July 28, 2014
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Looking for websites to File Income Tax Returns in India? H&R Block is the answer

Apart from Income Tax Department’s e-filing website, there are some good alternatives available for hassle-free filing of ITR in India.

The article talks about availability of good alternative websites for filing of Income Tax Return (ITR) in India. H&R Block is one such website that offers a nice and clean interface.

The thing is many people get confused about taxes after having a look at the Income Tax Department’s e-filing website. The page has some simple links to help you figure out how much tax you are required to pay, but, you may get confused as to where to begin with.

Here, H&R Block comes into picture, the website makes the whole process pretty simple for you. Moreover, the website allows you to file your return for free.

The advantage of filing your ITR with H&R Block is that it scans your Form-16 PDF and automatically fills in almost all details from it. It is different from Cleartax in the way that H&R Block has ‘agents ready to help’ even on the free tier.

It up to you to choose either File it yourself application to do it for free or use a CA to help you file your taxes.

An additional advantage of choosing H&R Block is that you can call on the office number in case you need assistance.