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May 31, 2017
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May 31, 2017

H&R Block ties up with Fintech Startup NiYo

H&R Block and NiYo come together with an ‘HRB-NiYO Employee Benefits Solution’ to make it easy for employees with the complete tax cycle.


H&R Block got together with fintech startup NiYO to launch a new tax saving service for salaried employees. H&R Block is one of the biggest consumer tax filing company in India serving salaried individuals.

The HRB-NiYO Employee Benefits Solution will help the organisation to make the complete tax cycle of its employees fairly easy. A multi-pocket card, a mobile app and a digital account with multiple wallets are some of the features of the integrated solution of NiYO. The HRB-NiYO Solution will increase the benefits of the employers by making them available on a single NiYO card. It will also help digitising the tax proofs through its mobile interface and mobile app as well as in tax filing through H&R Block solutions.

The whole idea behind this tie-up is to let the employees track and record their employee benefits usage, have them checked by the tax experts at H&R Block and file their taxes more easily through this.

Our Director, Mr Vaibhav Sankla, H&R Block India commented on the news saying that the NiYO app will help the salaried individuals to connect with the tax experts of our organisation with just a click of a button. This app also allows users to seamlessly share their personal information with our experts without additional effort.

This tie-up has brought forth a first of its kind technology where tax saving and filing goes entirely digital. The target market is over 30 million people who are salaried individuals and are eligible for some tax benefits.

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