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May 26, 2015
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H&R Block and Sparta Had One Thing in Common: 300

H&R Block’s robust and efficient tax pro team successfully filed more than 100,000 tax returns during this Tax Season of 2015, emerging as a global leader.


We are not talking about fighters; we are talking about H&R Block’s tax pro team that came forward to fight the tax war for an army of taxpayers across India. During this Tax Season, H&R Block’s extensive 300 plus team served every taxpayer approaching them and emerging as a global leader yet again. Known to be the best tax return preparer around, the company has received great reviews from over 8,000 happy customers.

With an online platform that supports e-filing in a secure and convenient manner, the company has emerged as the largest Online Assisted Consumer tax return preparer in India. This service is provided by highly efficient, technically expert and trained tax advisors. They prepare and file income tax returns for clients. This facility is offered online, and customers can access the same from the comfort of their office or home. This service is the USP of Online Assisted facility.

H&R Block employed 300 plus tax professionals across various locations in India to achieve this feat in Tax Season 2015. Qualified chartered accountants, tax and finance professionals were included in the list of 300 plus employees. H&R Block trained the huge number of staff meticulously for an extensive period of 100 hours, in-house. After undergoing a rigorous training and an online assessment test, these tax advisors were ready for the Tax Season.

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