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May 30, 2017
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May 31, 2017

H&R Block Company Launches Interactive App for Filing Tax Returns

Individual taxpayers can now file their tax returns through H&R Block’s chat-based tax filing app, TaxChat, featuring Birbal, the tax robot.


H&R Block launched an online app, TaxChat, on Friday. This app is perfect for taxpayers to file their income tax returns interactively.

The concept of the app is inspired by the popularity of real-time chat messenger app, WhatsApp. TaxChat lets people file their tax returns, by simply chatting with an online tax robot, Birbal, and filing their tax returns successfully. All the user has to do is provide the right information to Birbal and let it continue to file the tax returns automatically, based on the information shared.

The app will continue to be free of charge as of now. Speaking about the same, Mr Vaibhav Sankla, Director of H&R Block, India, said that the evaluation of how and if the app should be monetised will be decided based on how things go.

The app, till now, can take care of the basic tax filings and not the complicated ones. For complicated tax filings, users will have to rely on human interface. Talking about the matter, Mr Vaibhav added, that majority of taxpayers have a straight source of incomes with little or no complexities. Hence, the app will be apt for such tax filers.

The app is a free, do-it-yourself chat-based tax filing app and is only available for Android users. Filers can use the portal to file their tax themselves.