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July 13, 2016
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Guide to Use Tax Filing Portals and Apps to File Returns

With many tax filing portals and apps on the rise, it gets difficult for tax filers to use them. Here is how you can use them to your benefit.


Life of taxpayers has become easier ever since there has been an evolution of online platforms for income tax related work. The number of taxpayers filing their tax returns and solving other tax related queries online has increased substantially. The taxpayers can e-file any type of returns on the official website of the Income Tax Department, for free. Moreover, these tax filing portals and apps are gaining popularity, owing to the lack of time and convenience of an individual.

However, for all those who find it difficult to understand the tax idiom or have multiple sources of income, filing their tax returns without an expert can get exhausting. There are easy ways in which you can use these tax filing portals and apps to file your tax returns.

Tax Filing Portals

There are diverse plans and packages that these portals offer. These plans and packages mainly depend on your income level, a number of income sources covered and the type of assistance that you need to file your tax returns. Most of these websites also allow you to file your income tax returns for free. Almost all the websites have the user-friendly software, which requires you to follow the given instructions and file your tax returns easily.

Tax Filing Apps

Most online tax filing portals have also introduced apps with simplified user interface. It makes it easier for individuals to navigate on the app. Our Managing Director, Mr Vaibhav Sankla, explained the need for these apps, saying that majority of Indians are smartphone users and hence it makes sense for us to launch an app for such users. He further explained that our app catered to salaried individuals who use ITR1 for filing their tax returns.
Source : Livemint