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August 2, 2016
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File Your Tax Return Even Without Form 16

With the time of filing tax returns soon closing in, gather your documents and calculate your tax liabilities, even if you haven’t received Form 16.


Do not panic if you haven’t received Form 16 from your employer and if the due date of filing tax returns is fast approaching. This is the time when you have to take matters into your hand and familiarise yourself with different ITR forms. Salaried individuals file ITR 1, ITR 2 and 2A. Therefore, if you are a salaried taxpayer and you are filing your tax returns through the government portal, make sure you download the correct form. Keep your documents handy as you need to calculate the tax.

Your salary slip is the perfect source that will help you calculate the tax, in the absence of Form 16. Remember to deduct all the non-taxable portions like HRA, LTA and other reimbursements from your total income. Your total income should include income from other sources as well.

Form 26AS should reflect your TDS, income from all sources, the sale of immovable property and high-value transactions. Verifying that the details on Form 26AS are correct is very important as many taxpayers get notices from the IT department where there is the difference between the information available on the form and the ITR filed by the taxpayer. If your employer has deposited the TDS it will reflect in Form 26AS but if it doesn’t show, then your PAN number might be incorrect, or your employer may not have deposited the TDS.

You can approach your jurisdictional TDS Commissioner if your employer has not deposited the TDS. The Managing Director of H&R Block, Mr Vaibhav Sankla, was quoted in the article saying that they had seen a lot of examples where employees deposit the TDS of the employee and issue Form 16 as soon as they receive a notice from the I-T Department.
Source : Economic Times