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July 29, 2016
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August 2, 2016

File your tax returns online

Filing tax return is a yearly laborious affair. With the introduction of e-filing tax return, things have become much simpler.


The article talks about the benefits of online filing of tax returns. More and more taxpayers are taking to an electronic mode for filing their tax returns. Increasing dependence on the internet is not the only reason for high rate of adoption. Government’s efforts to encourage taxpayers to make the switch from physical filing to e-filing are also one of the reasons. Moreover, the smooth and swift transition from physical mode to electronic mode has also attracted taxpayers. It saves you the hassle of making multiple trips to different offices.

The article further elaborates on electronic verification code (EVC) introduced by the income tax (IT) department. ITR filing has become completely paper-free owing to the introduction of EVC in the assessment year 2015-16. EVC can be generated using net banking, bank account number, demat account number or your registered email ID and mobile number.

The article also discusses the discomfort many taxpayers still face. Such as from choosing the relevant return form to accurate calculation of taxes. Here, private e-return

intermediaries come into the picture. These private e-filing portals simplify the whole process for taxpayers.

You can either take the self-help route or go for private e-return intermediaries. All you need to do is just be in time for filing your tax returns.

Source : Money Control