5 Things to Know Before e-Filing Income Tax Returns


Filing your returns online for the first time?
H&R Block is the world leader in providing online tax filing solutions. Here are some points you would like to refer to before proceeding by filing your returns online!

Things to Know Before E-filing Income Tax Return

So now you must remember that these are the things that you must know before you file your returns with us.
1. You get complete online assistance while filing Income Tax Returns by an expert who prepares and e-files your tax return for you.
2. You can contact your expert by using ‘Message my tax expert’ section.
3. If there are any errors then our expert corrects them for you.
4. Your returns are even e-filed by our tax expert once you submit such a request.
5. In case some deductions are not claimed in the Form 16 then our tax expert makes sure that these are claimed while filing the returns of income.

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