TaxChat is a revolutionary app developed by H&R Block India. It is the first app of its kind which offers tax filing solution to consumers free of charge where they can file their taxes by simply chatting to a chat buddy. You can chat with Birbal (your tax buddy), an A.I. who will guide you during the whole filing process and make the task fun for you.

File IT Returns with TaxChat

Here is summary of key points of TaxChat app:

  1. First of its kind in India

  2. Chat based next-gen technology

  3. Available also as web URL

  4. Wise Birbal always with you

Other Amazing Features:
  1. Easy and fun/informative chat based platform to file taxes

  2. We ask you all relevant questions in our chat

  3. Free telephonic support

  4. Birbal your tax pro (AI) is always there to help you if you get stuck

  5. Also available as web URL if you are lazy enough to download app

Why TaxChat?
  1. Taxes filed in a fun yet secured way

  2. Tax filing as easy as online chatting

  3. Takes advantage of your chatting skills

How does it work?
  1. Download H&R Block tax filing app/ go to web URL

  2. Go to TaxChat

  3. Birbal will start chatting with you and take all the necessary information and also guide you whenever you get stuck

  4. Birbal will share your tax summary with you to check and approve

  5. Once approved, you can e-file your taxes in few steps

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