Facts about H&R Block


Did you know that and that H and R in H&R Block represents Henry and Richard, the founders of the company? We present you a list of several interesting facts about H&R Block which you may have never known before.

Facts about H&R Block

We hope this improved your knowledge about H&R Block. H&R Block:
1) Has 2.5 crore satisfied customers, 20 million ITRs filed annually and a client satisfaction rating of 9/10
2) Operates 11,000 offices in USA & 1,700 abroad including India
3) Has over 60 years of experience in e-filing ITRs
4) Has a team of more than 1 lac tax experts
5) Offers complete online solution for ITR preparation with e-filing & online secure storage for documents
6) Provides year round access to all your documents
7) Is 100% accurate and guaranteed tax e-filing solution

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