• Income Tax Preparation by Tax Experts

    • An online facility where a tax expert prepares and files your income tax return
    • Tax vault to securely access your documents anytime, anywhere
    • 100% data confidentiality & information security
    • Service fee based on your tax complexity
    • Submission of your signed ITR-V to CPC Bengaluru and detailed guidance on how to e-verify your ITR
    • Year-round support to assist you
  • Expert Tax Preparation & e-Filing Advantages

    • An excellent combination of comfort and expertise accessible from your home or office
    • Dedicated tax expert who will work hard to maximize your tax savings and guarantee100% accuracy as well as your satisfaction with our work.
    • Expert team consisting of law graduates and qualified tax professionals to make sure you get maximum tax benefits and refund
    • Tax filing services from world’s largest individual income tax e-filing company.
    • 100% secure by Verisign with encryption measures built in and an assurance about confidentiality of your personal information.
    • Anytime, anywhere access of your documents and information. This includes access to your income tax return, ITR-V copies, year-round access and assistance with tax scrutiny
  • Testimonials

    • "Personalized service was beyond expectations, Even supported for Tax calculations and tax advices on non working days. Extremely good at service. I must Appreciate the concerned support. thank you very much H&R Block.I had a wonderful experience."- K. Chatterji
    • "Thanks a lot for handling my returns filing.Every year I used to file my returns on my own. This time I had two Form 16, So I was confused how to file returns. But your portal service and Tax adviser helped to file it successfully."- R. Dey
    • "It was very helpful and one thing very good with H&R Block was, very friendly and explanation is very clear for the queries which we have... It was great to have and Thank you very much.. Expecting the same towards."- H. Gugamsetty
  • FAQs

    What better way to handle your income taxes filing worries, where a dedicated tax expert prepares and files your income tax returns online? Just register yourself on H&R Block - Expert Tax Preparation Services and :
    • Enter your basic details
    • Upload your tax documents

    Submit and relax till your tax expert prepares your returns.
    After you submit your information, your tax expert information is available in your account. Visit ‘Message my tax expert’ section for the details.
    Yes. In an expert tax preparation service your tax expert will always assist you and correct whatever errors you find, which will rarely be there. You can contact her/him through ‘Message my tax expert’ section. It’s an H&R Block promise that if we commit errors, we correct them.
    Your tax expert will e-file your income tax return for you once you have reviewed, approved and submitted a request for e-filing. Your ITR-V will be made available for your download and signature in your account. We encourage you to e-verify your ITR and for which we even give detailed guidance on how to do this. However we will also post your signed ITR-V to CPC Bengaluru once we receive it from you.
    All you need to do is sign in to your account on H&R Block - Expert Tax Preparation and contact your tax expert for sharing the information. Be assured, your tax expert will consider the eligible claims while preparing your tax returns and also help you get income tax refund if you are eligible.

  • Expert Tax Preparation Process

    • 1. Register, set up your profile & upload
    • 2. Our dedicated expert calls you to discuss your taxes
    • 3. Our expert then prepares & shares your tax summary
    • 4. Review & e-File for free, verify ITRV to complete
  • Particulars
    Single Form 16
    Up to one House Property
    PF Withdrawal
    Sav A/c, NRE A/c, Dividends, Exempt Interest
    FD Interest
    Brought Forward Losses
    Foreign Assets
    Commission/Contract/Other Income
    Additional Form 16
    Additional House Properties
    Foreign Income
    Capital Gains
    Fees (In Indian Rupees)
    Fees inclusive of Service Taxes at 15% (In Indian Rupees)


    Particulars Easy Medium Complex
    Single Form 16 Yes Yes Yes
    Up to one House Property Yes Yes Yes
    PF Withdrawal Yes Yes Yes
    Sav A/c, NRE A/c, Dividends, Exempt Interest Yes Yes Yes
    FD Interest Yes Yes Yes
    Brought Forward Losses Yes Yes Yes
    Foreign Assets Yes Yes Yes
    Commission/Contract/Other Income No Yes Yes
    Additional Form 16 No Yes Yes
    Additional House Properties No Yes Yes
    Foreign Income No No Yes
    Capital Gains No No Yes
    Fees (In Indian Rupees) 299 499 999
    Fees inclusive of Service Taxes at 15% (In Indian Rupees) 344 574 1,149
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