Guides on Tax Notices

How to Respond to Income Tax Notices?

Not responding to Income Tax notices properly on time can put you into trouble. Read this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India to learn about all types of I-T notices you can get and the correct procedure of handling them.

Section 143(3) – Scrutiny Selection Criteria 2017-18

When the Income Tax Department decides to select a file for scrutiny, a notice is sent u/s 143(3). The new scrutiny selection criteria provides guidelines to select tax return cases for scrutiny. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more about scrutiny selection criteria u/s 143(3)

Various Assessments Under Income Tax Law

As per the Income Tax Law, a tax payer can receive various assessments or notices from the ITD in case of any incorrect IT return submissions for any relevant financial year. This guide by H&R Block India explains the various assessments under the income tax law of India that an individual can receive. .

Responding to Notice under section 245

Don't panic if you receive a notice under section 245 of Income Tax Act from the I-T Department. In this detailed guide by H&R Block India, we will take you through step by step process on responding to notice u/s 245. Click here to read more!

Time Limit for Issuing Different Income Tax Notices

Income Tax Act, 1961 defines the deadlines to comply with various types of Income Tax Notices. Find out the Income Tax Department's time limits for issuing different Income Tax notices and the deadlines for you to respond to them in this guide by H&R Block India.

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