Guides on Tax Deductions

Dearness Allowance in India

The dearness allowance is the cost of living adjustment paid by the government to the employees of the public-sector units. It is calculated as a percentage of the basic salary. In this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India, dearness allowance has been explained.

Importance of Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is not only important for between landlord and tenant but it is also useful for availing of HRA exemptions from the employer. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more about rental agreements.

Section 43B – Deductions on Actual Payments

Do you know that certain tax deductions are allowed on expenses when they are actually paid as per the provisions of section 43B of the Income Tax Act? Read this comprehensive guide to know about all such expenses and relevant tax deductions.

Tax Rebate u/s 87A of Income Tax Act

Learn who can avail tax rebate u/s 87a of Income Tax Act. In this guide by H&R Block we discuss about the eligibility criteria for claiming rebate under section 87a for AY 2018-19 and AY 2019-20. Click here to read the guide now!

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