Form 26AS Download Procedure

Step 1:

Please click on the link and follow the below mentioned procedure.

Step 2:

Kindly locate and click on

“View Form 26 AS”


Click here to view a step-by-step guide on the registration process. After registration you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Click on View Form 26 AS

Step 3:

Enter your

“User ID”



then click on


button. If you don't have an account, you will have to register.

Login to download Form 26AS

Step 4:

Please click on

“My Account”

to bring a drop down menu. In the menu select

“View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)”


Select View Form 26AS (Tax Credit)

Step 5:

Now click on the



Click on Confirm

Step 6:

Select the small box to agree to the terms of usage of Form 16/ 16A and click on


button. Access the email sent to you by Income Tax Department and click on the enclosed activation link. It will take you to the activation page.

Click on Proceed

Step 7:

Now click on

“View Tax Credit (Form 26AS)”

tab to view all the returns that are pending for verification.

Click on View Tax Credit (Form 26AS)

Step 8:

Under the

“Assessment Year”

drop down menu, select the year for which you want to view your Form 26AS. Select the type of file in the

“View As”

drop down menu and click on

“View/ Download”


Click on View Download

Step 9:

Enter your date of birth as your password in the format


then click on


button. Now your Form 26AS will be generated.

Enter DOB to generate Form 26AS


You have successfully generated your Form 26AS. This is how a Form 26AS looks like:

Form 26AS
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