Guides on Permanent Account Number

What is PAN Card?

PAN card acts as a photo identity proof and is mandatory for taxpayers in India to have one. In this guide by H&R Block PAN card's benefits are discussed.

PAN Card Application Procedure

Here's the complete guide on how to apply for a new PAN Card online by H&R Block India. Click to read the step-by-step procedure & documents required.

Track PAN Card Application Status

PAN card application status lets you determine the current status if you have applied for it recently. In this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India, the modes and process of tracking your pan card application status are explained for your easy understanding.

Know Your PAN Jurisdiction

Knowing your PAN jurisdiction is necessary if you want to access details of your Assessing Officer and to know if the address is accurate.

How to Make Corrections to Your PAN Card

For any number of reasons, sometimes the details on our PAN cards are incorrect. Modifying/updating details on your PAN card can be done both offline and online. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know how to make PAN card correction.

How to Surrender Additional PAN Card

Avoid a penalty of Rs. 10000 by the taxmen for having an additional PAN card in your name. Learn the ways to terminate additional PAN card in this guide.

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