Online PAN CARD Application

Last Updated on Sep 6, 2017

PAN, or Permanent Account Number, is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric identity allotted to each taxpayer by the Income Tax Department. PAN is an identification key with which the Income Tax Department can track the taxable component of your financial transactions and round up tax defaulters.

Step-by-Step Process for PAN Card Application

The PAN application process for an individual is given below:

Step 1: Locate, fill and submit online form:

  • Visit
  • Choose the appropriate form - Form 49 A is for Indian citizens and Form 49AA is for foreign citizens
  • Fill in your details – when in doubt yell i.e. refer to the instructions given in the form for each detail asked
  • Submit the form online - an acknowledgement is displayed which has a unique 15 digit acknowledgement number

Step 2: Getting together the acknowledgement package

  • Save and print a copy of this acknowledgement.
  • Paste two recent colour photographs with white background (size 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) in the space provided.
  • Sign twice - once within the box provided for signature and once across the photograph pasted on the left side of the form – a part of the sign should spill over on the acknowledgment.
  • DO NOT sign or put any mark on the photograph affixed on the right side of the form. If any mark hinders the clear visibility of the face of the applicant here, the application is rejected! You will have to restart the whole process. Ugh!
  • A proof of address, a proof of identity and a proof of date of birth have to be attached to the acknowledgment form. Aadhar card, Passport, Electoral photo identity card, driving license are acceptable documents for all three “proof-categories” and so are the most convenient to attach. The entire list of acceptable documents is mentioned in the form.
  • IMPORTANT - Your name as mentioned in the proof documents should be in the same format as that in the PAN application form … else it is Ugh once more! So please take care when you fill your name if the form.

Step 3: Payment of fees

  • The fee is Rs. 107/- if communication address is within India and Rs. 989/- if outside India
  • For within India the fee can be paid by Demand draft, cheque, debit/credit card, net banking
  • For outside India it can be paid by Debit/credit card and demand draft only
  • Cheque / DD should be in favour of NSDL – PAN.
  • Save and print the payment acknowledgement for debit/credit card payment or net banking.
  • This payment acknowledgement or cheque/ demand draft will also be added to the acknowledgement package we have prepared earlier.
  • Now our parcel is ready for dispatch!

Step 4 – Send the parcel

  • Send the parcel to NSDL at 'Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune - 411016'.
  • Super scribe envelope with ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN – and your acknowledgement number’.
  • The parcel must reach NDSDL within 15 days of submission of online application.

Step 5 – Track your PAN application

  • After three days of application you can track the status of your PAN application using the Acknowledgment Number
  • Receive your PAN Card

How to Surrender Additional PAN Online?

A PAN card once issued, remains valid throughout the lifetime of the person to whom it belongs.

However, there are occasions when due to some reasons, a person needs to surrender his PAN card. The process for surrendering PAN depends on the reason for which the PAN card is being surrendered.

This guide is divided into 4 parts explaining how one can surrender PAN cards in various cases:

a) Surrendering of duplicate PAN card
b) Surrendering of PAN card due to death of individual holder
c) Surrendering of firm/partnership/company PAN card
d) Surrendering of PAN in use

A) Surrendering of Duplicate PAN Card:

It is possible that you might be in the possession of duplicate PAN card. It might have reached you because you applied for it multiple times or due to error from government's end. Whatever be the reason, you must surrender any additional PAN you own because it is illegal to own more than one PAN.

There are two ways to surrender your PAN card – online & offline.

Online Process to Surrender Duplicate PAN card:

Go to Income Tax department's website at

  • Submit the required details online like details of additional PAN, details of PAN you wish to keep, personal information like your name, date of birth & contact details.
  • Submit the form you filled online.

Offline Process to Surrender Duplicate PAN card:

  • Write a letter addressing your jurisdictional A.O. requesting cancellation of additional PAN.
  • In the letter, don' t forget to give details of the PAN card you want to surrender as well as the details of PAN card you want to keep.
  • Either post the letter to the jurisdictional A.O. or personally deliver it to him.

B) Surrendering of PAN Card due to Death of Individual Holder:

After the demise of a person, his family members can get his PAN cancelled to avoid any possible misuse.

Steps to surrender PAN

  • Write a letter addressing your jurisdictional A. 0. requesting the cancellation of additional PAN.
  • The letter should cover the reason for requesting cancellation.
  • It should mention the PAN details of the departed.

Note: This process can be used in case of NRIS & foreign nationals too.

C) Surrendering of Firm/Partnership/Company PAN Card

Firm/partnership/company needs to surrender its PAN if the company is being dissolved or closed. It can surrender its PAN either online or offline.

Online Process to Surrender Firm/Partnership/Company PAN Card

  • Go to NSDL TIN website
  • File Form 49A online. Mention the details of PAN to be cancelled in the form.
  • Once you submit the form, you will get an acknowledgement.
  • Point the acknowledgement & send it to the NSDL office address mentioned in the form along with the necessary documents

Offline Process to Surrender Firm/Partnership/Company PAN Card

  • Write a letter addressing the firm/partnership/company’s jurisdictional A.O.
  • Mention the reason for requesting surrender in the letter
  • Attach relevant documents. For e.g., if the reason behind surrender request is company being dissolved then one needs to attach a copy of the deed which states that the company is being dissolved, a copy of PAN card, acknowledgement of return being filed for the discontinuation period.
  • Submit the letter to the A.O.

D) Surrendering of PAN in use:

  • Generally, it is not recommended to surrender PAN except in cases discussed above.
  • Even if a person has zero income, PAN is useful as a valid identity proof to him & therefore can be used for various purposes.
  • If a person wants to surrender his one & only PAN, he should write a letter to his jurisdictional A.O. mentioning his PAN details & the reason for requesting surrender of PAN.

…… And now dear reader it’s time to pay your taxes and – you have received your PAN Card; the taxman has the identification key!

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