NRI Income Tax Return Filing through Online Tax Experts

Last Updated on Sep 6, 2017

Filing NRI taxes is very simple through our online assisted service.

Follow the steps given below to file your taxes now.

Step 1:

Click here to go to our NRI tax filing service page. Enter your Email ID and Password in the boxes available and click on

“Proceed to Filing”


Login to file NRI Tax

Step 2:

Enter your first name in the empty box and click on



Enter First Name to File NRI Tax

Step 3:

Choose the appropriate options to explain your tax situation as shown in the image below and click on

“Save and Continue”


Click on Save and Continue

Step 4:

Fill up your personal details like your name, your father’s name, contact number, Email ID, PAN, address etc. and click on

“Save and Continue”

tab at the bottom of the page.

Enter Father's Details

Step 5:

Upload all your Form 16s here and proceed to next step by pressing

“Save and Continue”


Upload Form 16s

Step 6:

Under the head

“Other Details”

, you will find four sub-heads namely:

    a) Additional Tax Benefits –

upload documents supporting any tax deductions or exemptions you are eligible for

    b) Other Income –

share details of income from other sources

    c) House Property –

share details of house property

    d) Bank Account Details –

share your bank account details

Click on


tab after completing each of the four steps to proceed further.

Click on Save

Step 7:

Here you will be informed about the fee to be charged for filing your returns. You can click on


to confirm.

Step 8:

In the end, you need to give a missed call to verify your identity. You will receive a conformation email from our tax advisor handling your case who will be available to help you during normal business hours via ‘phone call and chat support’.

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