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December 1, 2017
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December 1, 2017

How to Download and Send Form ITR-V to CPC Bangalore

Last Update Date : April 26, 2019
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Income Tax Return filing is incomplete without verification of filed return. Once you have finished filing your taxes, you need to verify your return. You can do this either online or offline.

  • Offline or Physical Verification of ITR: This guide will take you through step-by-step process to physically verify your ITR. To do this, you need to send a physical copy of signed ITR-V to CPC Bangalore.


What is Form ITR-V?

ITR-V stands for ‘Income Tax Return–Verification’ Form. It is a one page document. ITR-V is received when you e-file your Income Tax Return. It is received from the Income Tax Department to your registered email ID. You can also download it from Income Tax department’s e-filing portal. Since the digital signature is not present so Income Tax Department requires you to verify your tax return. On receipt of Form ITR-V, you need to sign the copy of the form with ‘blue ink’ and post it to the Income Tax Department CPC, Bangalore. This is an important step to complete the filing process.

How to Download ITR-V?

After you e-file your Income Tax Return, the Income Tax department sends ITR-V acknowledgement to your registered email ID. Do not worry if you haven’t received ITR-V through email. You can still download it in two different ways.


Step 1: Click here to visit (1).

Step 2: Find “Login Here” button on the top right corner and click on it to login to your account. If you do not have an account, you can click on “Register Yourself” button present just above “Login Here”.

Click here to view a step-by-step guide on the registration process.

how to download itr v

Step 3
: After clicking on “Login Here”, provide your “User ID” (i.e. your PAN card number) and “Password” along with “Captcha Code” in the blanks provided in the following page and click on “Login” tab.

download itr v

Step 4
: After logging in, click on “View Returns / Forms” link.

income tax return acknowledgement

Step 5
: Select the option “Income Tax Return” and relevant “Assessment Year” and press “Submit” button.

itr v 2016-17
itr v acknowledgement 2016-17

Step 6
: Click on Acknowledgement number of the ITR for which you want to download ITR V.

Download ITR-V


Step 7
: Select “ITR-V / Acknowledgement” tab. Your ITR-V will get downloaded.

Download Acknowledgment


Step 1: Login to the government’s Income Tax e-filing portal
Step 2: Go to “My Account” tab
Step 3: Click on “View e-Filed Returns/Forms”
Step 4: Select “e-Filed Returns/Forms” from the drop down list
Step 5: Click on “Submit” button
Step 6: Click on the respective assessment year’s “Acknowledgement No.”
Step 7: Click on “ITR-V/Acknowledgement” option from the new dialogue box to download ITR-V

If you’ve downloaded the ITR-V from the Income Tax Department’s website, you’ll need a password to open it.

What is the password to open ITR-V

The password needed to open your ITR-V consists of your PAN (in small case) and date of birth.



Date of birth: 10/01/2008

Password: aaapa0000a10012008

After receiving your ITR-V (acknowledgement), you have to either e-verify or send a signed copy of it to CPC, Bangalore within 120 days of e-filing your Income Tax return.

Steps to Complete Income Tax Return Verification

Once you have downloaded your ITR-V, you need to follow the below mentioned steps carefully to complete your e-filing process by sending your ITR-V to CPC Bangalore:

Step 1: Take a print-out of ITR-V. Use dark black ink to print ITR-V form. Make sure that the printed copy is legible to eyes.

Step 2: You need to do sign on the form in the box provided for the same purpose. Use a blue ink pen to sign the document. Make sure that your signature does not extend beyond the border of the box.

Step 3: Do not staple the form. Do not fold the portion of the form which contains bar code.

Step 4: Enclose your ITR-V form in a white A4 size envelope. If you are sending multiple forms together, use separate envelope for each ITR-V.

Step 5: Send the form to CPC Bangalore either through speed post or ordinary post within 120 days of filing return. You cannot courier the form.

Step 6: You do not need to send any supporting documents along with the ITR-V. Just the one page signed ITR-V.

The envelope should be sent to the following address:

Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore-560500, Karnataka.

Step 7: Once CPC Bangalore receives your ITR-V, it will send you an email acknowledgement and start processing your Income Tax Return.

That’s it! You have completed physical verification of your ITR! However, this process must be completed within 120 days of filing ITR otherwise your return will have no validity and you will be asked to file your Income Tax Return once more.

People also ask

Q. Can I send more than one ITR-V forms?

A. It is possible to send multiple ITR-V forms in a single mailer. You can club your ITR-V with your friends or family members to save on postage cost.

Q. Is ITR-V different from other ITR forms like ITR-1, ITR-2 etc.?

A. Forms like ITR-1, ITR-2, and ITR-3 etc. are the forms used for filing Income Tax Return while ITR-V is the acknowledgement you receive after filing earlier mentioned forms. Once you have filed your ITR form online, you should furnish ITR-V to indicate that the details in your ITR have been verified by you. It can be done both online and offline.

Q. Is it necessary to send Form 16 or any other document with ITR-V?

A. No, you don’t need to send any supporting document to the tax department with your ITR-V.

Q. What is the due date to send ITR-V to CPC?

A. You get 120 days from the day of filing your ITR to send ITR-V to CPC.

Q. What if I fail to send ITR-V to CPC?

A. If you do not send your ITR-V in time allowed (120 days), the Income Tax department will consider your ITR invalid (i.e. as if you never filed that return).

Q. How to get a duplicate ITR-V?

A. If you have e-filed your Income Tax Return, you can always download any number of duplicate ITR-V forms from the e-filing portal of the Income Tax department. However, to obtain ITR-V in case of manual filing, you need to send a request for the same to your Assessing Officer.

Q. How can I change the email address mentioned in my ITR-V?

A. In general you cannot change the email given in ITR-V but if it is necessary you can consider revising your return if allowed under the Act. Alternatively you can inform the tax department regarding the change of your email by updating your profile on e-filing portal.
To update your profile please follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to the Income Tax department’s e-filing portal
  2. Go to “Profile Settings” → click on ‘My Profile’
  3. Click on “Contact Details” tab → click on ‘Edit’ button
  4. Enter the new email address → click on ‘Save’ → click on ‘Continue’
  5. You will receive Email and SMS PIN
  6. Enter the both the PIN in the respective boxes → click on ‘Confirm’
  7. Your email address is now updated with ITD.

Q. What should be filled in ITR-V acknowledgement?

A. ITR-V only requires your signature, no other information is required to be filled in.

Q. Should I send a photocopy of the duly signed ITR-V?

A. No, you must sign & send the original ITR-V printed copy & not its photocopy.

Q. Can I send more than one ITR-V in one envelope?

A. Yes, you can but ensure that barcode is not tampered with & ITR-Vs are not stapled together.

Q. Can I verify my Income Tax Return without sending ITR-V to CPC?

A. Yes, you can choose to do it online through E-Verification.

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