Guides on ITR Forms

Difference between Form 16 and Form 16A

Though both are TDS certificates, there is a difference between Form 16 and 16A. Read this guide by H&R Block to understand form 16 vs form 16a differences.

Form 15G/H Save TDS on Interest Income

You are required to submit Form 15G whenever you earn interest from investments in banks. Read this guide by H&R Block to learn how to submit and who can submit Form 15g/h.

Belated Income Tax Return

If you file your income tax return after the due date has passed, your return will be considered a belated return by the I-T department. Read this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India to learn about the filing procedure, applicable interest and penalties and due dates.

Form ITR 3 For FY 2017-18 & AY 2018-19

ITR 3 form is now applicable to business professionals for filing their tax returns. Understand the changes made to the filing of ITR-3 and how to file it.

Income Tax Return Form ITR 5

ITR 5 is an Income Return Form used by LLPs, Association of Persons and Body of Individuals. Understand the structure of this form and how to file ITR 5 in the correct manner by reading this guide.

ITR 7 – Income Tax Return Form for Trusts

Income Tax Return form ITR 7 is a form used by trusts to file their annual income tax returns. Learn about the eligibility criteria, filing procedure and much more by reading this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India.

ITR 1 Sahaj Form for Income Tax Filing

This guide by H&R Block answers all your questions about ITR 1 Form. Be it what is ITR1 Form, who can file it and how to file it? We also discuss about the latest changes made in the ITR Form for AY 2017-18. Click here to read more.

ITR-4s Form for Income Tax Return Filing

ITR-4S Form is for those taxpayers who have opted for the ‘Presumptive Income Scheme’. Read this indepth guide about components of ITR-4S at H&R Block India.

How to read ITR-2A?

ITR-2A form is for individuals or HUFs or individuals and HUFs who have salary income & own more than 1 house property. Check how to read the ITR2-A form here.

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