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What is Form 10C?

Last Update Date : April 30, 2019
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If you are an employee, you can use Form 10C to withdraw money from your EPS account or obtain the EPS certificate before retirement without closing your account.

Read this comprehensive guide by H&R Block to know when and how you can use this form.

Eligibility Criteria to File Form 10C

Depending on your situation, you may have to either file Form 10C or file Form 10D to claim monetary benefits of EPS.
You are eligible to file Form 10C only if:

  • Your age is more than 58 years and you have left a job before completion of 10 years of service; or
  • You have completed 10 years of service before attaining the age of 50; or
  • You are between the age of 50 and 58 and not willing to settle for a reduced pension.

Your family member or your nominee can file this form if you die after attaining the age of 58 years or more without completing 10 years of service.

Documents Required to File Form 10C

You must attach the following documents with Form 10C:

  • Copy of blank/ cancelled cheque
  • If applying for Scheme Certificate, date of birth certificate, a cheque of children of the member
  • Affix Re 1 stamp if applying for withdrawal benefit through a bank

The person filing Form 10C on your behalf must provide the following documents in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Death Certificate of the deceased (in case of filing after death)
  • Succession Certificate (in case of filing as a legal heir)


If you are filing online, your application is submitted through your employer. If you are filing offline, you (or the person filing the form) and your last employer must attest every single page of the Form.
In the absence of employer, any of those mentioned below are authorised to attest it.

  • Magistrate
  • Gazetted Officer
  • Post/ Sub-post Master
  • President of Village Union
  • President of the Village Panchayat, when Union Board is absent
  • Chairman/ Secretary/ Member of Municipal/ District Local Board
  • Member of Parliament
  • Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Member of Central Board of Trustees
  • Member of Regional Committee of Employee’s Provident Fund
  • Manager of the bank in which Savings Bank account is maintained
  • Head of any recognised Educational Institution

How to file Form 10C online?

Below are the steps to withdraw the pension amount with the help of Form 10C online:

  • Step 1: Go to the EPF Member Portal (1) and login


  • Step 2: Click on “Claim (Form-31, 19& 10C)” from the “Online Services” menu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Step 3: All your details are auto-populated. Only mention the last 4 digits of your bank account number
  • Step 4: Click on “Verify”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  • Step 5: Click on “Yes” to agree to the terms and conditions of the “Certificate of Undertaking” page



  • Step 6: Click on “Only Pension Withdrawal (Form 10C)” from “I want to apply for” section                                                                                                                                                                


  • Step 7: Mention your address
  • Step 8: Put a tick on the disclaimer
  • Step 9: Click on “Get Aadhaar OTP” button



  • Step 10: Mention the OTP you receive on your mobile number registered with Aadhaar and click on “Validate OTP and Submit Claim Form”
  • Step 11: Once the verification is done by the EPFO, you will get the fund in your bank account

How to file Form 10C offline?

Unlike online filing process, the offline process involves entering all the information manually in the form. Here is how you can file the physical Form.

  • Step-1: Download Form 10C (2)from epfindia website
  • Step-2: The Form has 4 pages. Provide the following information in the first page:
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Father’s name and/or husband’s name
    • Employer address
    • PF account number
    • Joining date with employer
    • Reason for leaving and date of leaving
    • Full address
  • Step-3: Provide the following information in the second page
    • Date and signature, some more details pertaining to age and account details for remittances
    • Particulars of family/nominees
    • Mode of remittance
  • Step-4: Provide the following information in the third page
    • Date and Signature
    • Details of wages and period of non-contributory service of member
    • Sum received
    • Get the Form attested as explained earlier
    • Send the Form to the nearest EPFO office for submission
  • Step-5: Get the Form attested as explained earlier
  • Step-6: Send the Form to the nearest EPFO office for submission

Things to consider when filing the Form 10C

  • You must compulsorily fill the first two pages
  • Fill the third page if you have taken an advance against the account
  • Do not fill the final page. It is used by the EPFO authorities
  • Write all the names in capital letters
  • Double check the filled form before submission
  • Fill the Form carefully so that you do not cut or overwrite any information in the Form. If you make any correction, get the corrected part attested
  • The provident fund account number consists of region code (2 alphabets), office code (3 alphabets), code number (maximum 7 digit), extension (sub code) and the account number (less than or equal to 7 digits)
  • If you are filing to get scheme certificate, fill up “Serial No. 9” and Serial No. 11 blank
  • If your nominee/ family/ legal heir is filing Form 10C, he must fill “Serial No. 9”, “Serial No. 10” and “Serial No. 11”
  • If you are drawing pension or family pension under the EPS scheme 1995, you must fill “Serial No. 12”


You can use Form 10C to get the following benefits:

  • Withdrawal Benefit: You can withdraw your pension money before attaining the age of retirement
  • Scheme Certificate: You can get this certificate if:
    • You have been in service for less than 9.5 years, and
    • You have not reached 50 years of age as of application date

People also ask

Q: Do I need to fill Form 10C every time I switch my job?

A: Yes, you need to fill Form 10C every time you switch job, if the company you join is covered by the EPF Act, 1952.

Q: Is it possible to use Form 10C without activating UAN?

A: No, you must activate your UAN for withdrawing EPF.

Q: How much money can I withdraw from my EPF balance?

AYou can withdraw up to 75% of the EPF after one month of retirement.

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We hope that this guide by H&R Block helps you in beneficially using Form 10C.


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