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EPF Passbook Online

Last Update Date : April 30, 2019
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If you want to know your employer’s contribution to your Employee Provident Fund account, you can check your EPF passbook, which provides all the details regarding your EPF credit, debit, and balance status.

This guide by H&R Block will help you to know more about EPF member passbook and how to access it online?

EPF Passbook Download Online

  • Activate your UAN through this website (1)
  • Sign into the portal with your UAN number & password
  • Passbook will be available after 6 hours of registration at the UAN
  • After it is available, you can click on passbook option for EPF passbook download

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How to check EPF Passbook?

In order to check EPF passbook online, follow the below steps:

  • Login to the EPF portal (2)
  • Click on ‘Our Services’ on the dashboard and select ‘For Employees’.
  • On the EPF portal in the service section select ‘Member Passbook’.
  • To access the account fill in the login details.

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EPF Passbook Details

Mentioned below are the details you will find in an EPF member passbook:

  • PF Member ID
  • Personal Details
  • Date of joining
  • Establishment code
  • PF office
  • EPF Transfer Details
  • The balance of Employee Contribution to EPF account
  • The balance of Employer Contribution to EPF account
  • Total EPF balance
  • Monthly Contribution
  • Employers contribution to EPF account
  • Employee Contribution to EPF account
  • Pension Contribution

Things to know about EPF e-Passbook

  • You can use the e-passbook section on the EPFO website and view the member passbook once you have registered on the Unified Member Portal.
  • You can access and use the e-Passbook facility after 6 hrs from the time of registration on the Unified Member Portal.
  • The modified credentials will also reflect on the site after a period of 6 hrs in the e-passbook.
  • Entries that are cleared by the different EPFO field offices will be updated in the e-passbook.

People also ask

Q. What should you do if your passbook is not available on UAN portal?

A.  It is only possible if you are working in an exempted establishment (the PF is managed by the company itself and the pension fund by the EPF organisation). Hence, you need to contact your establishment to get the PF statement.

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