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October 29, 2018
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One of the most trusted long term investment schemes is the EPF savings scheme. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more about how to check your PF balance, the benefits of EPF, and PF withdrawal procedures.

Know Your PF Balance – A Complete Guide

Last Update Date : December 07, 2018

To know how much money is deposited into your EPF Account, H&R Block has come up with a detailed guide on how PF balance check can be done using UAN Number and other online methods.

How to Check PF Balance?

It is advisable to check your EPF balance regularly since it is your disciplinary retirement savings scheme which has been jointly build up by you and your employer. There are multiple ways you can check your PF balance. You can check it through uan number, missed call, SMS, mobile app, and other online methods. Downloading e-passbook is also possible.

ways to check epf balance

Online PF Balance Check with UAN Number

how to check pf balance with uan number


  • On login, you can access your updated passbook anytime.

Note: Try intermittently if you face any difficulties on the site. 

Accessing and downloading on EPF passbook/slips from EPF Member portal

After registering online, you can access and download your EPF passbooks and slips multiple times from either your EPFO mobile app or UAN portal. Your EPF passbook is like your bank passbook.

You can download the passbook by following these steps:

OR you can directly click on:

  • Login to the member portal using your UAN and Password:
  • Download the passbook

Your passbook comprises of the following details:

  • Your monthly PF contribution
  • Employer’s monthly PF contribution
  • Employer’s contribution towards employee pension scheme
  • Latest EPF balance.

To download your passbook, you need to remember your activated UAN number and password.

PF Balance Enquiry by SMS Facility

SMS facility is available in 10 languages including English and Hindi. Other languages are Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali. This SMS contains all basic details like PF number, Name, Date of Birth, EPF balance, and Last Contribution

To check your EPF balance, you need to fulfil the below mentioned requirements:

  • Format of SMS to be sent is: EPFOHO UAN <ENG> for receiving the message in English
  • You should know your UAN, and it should be activated.
  • Give a missed call from your registered number, which was provided at UAN portal for sending the information to 7738299899
  • Your UAN number should have been linked with PAN, Aadhar card, number and Bank A/c number.

Check PF Balance by Missed Call

  • You can give a missed call on 011 22 901 406 to know your current EPF balance. For this, UAN registration is mandatory.

Using Umang – PF Balance Check App

The Unified Mobile App For New Governance (UMANG), which can be download from Google Play Store, allows employees to access their account details to make withdrawal requests with the app.  For making requests, your Aadhaar number and UAN need to be linked, however to view your passbook, Aadhaar is not necessary.

Balance Check Using EPFO Mobile App

  • Only UAN Members can check online balance through the EPFO Mobile App.
  • This app, “m-sewa” is available on Google play store and EPFO website too.
  • After installing the app, click on “Member” and the select “Balance/passbook”.
  • Then enter your UAN and registered mobile number and if the data enter matches, you can view your EPF balance.

People also ask

Q. How to reactivate EPF account when it is inactive?

A. If you have an inactive EPF account due to any reason., you can either transfer the balance to your new EPF account or withdraw the entire funds. If you choose to withdraw the funds from an account that is less than 5 years old, then the balance will get added to your income and your tax liability will increase.

Q. Why is it important to have an EPF account?

A. The EPF scheme is one of the most popular long-term investments schemes in the country. Employees can easily save a portion of the monthly salary for their retirement or withdraw funds for life events, such as children’s education, marriage, purchase of property etc. The tax benefits u/s 80C are a plus point and the ease of saving one’s money, makes this important for anyone wishing to save money for their future.

Q. What if my EPF account becomes dormant?

A. If an EPF account has not seen any activity for 36 months, then it is labeled dormant. However, it continues to earn interest. A dormant account is treated the same as an inactive account. You can either transfer the funds to your new EPF account or withdraw it.

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