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What is ITR Verification?

Last Update Date : May 24, 2019
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ITR verification is a process through which you confirm the authenticity of the information you provided during return filing. The Income Tax Department (ITD) will process your return and initiate a refund, if any, only after you finish verification.

Read this guide by H&R Block to know how to e-verify your ITR.

When to e-Verify ITR?

After you have successfully submitted your ITR, you must verify your return within 120 days. If you fail to do so, your return will be considered invalid by the ITD. For a quick processing of your return and refund (if applicable), we recommend that you verify your return at the earliest.

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Methods of e-Verification of ITR

You can complete the verification process in both online and offline modes:

Latest Update: As per law, pre-validating your bank account is mandatory if you have a refund due from the Income Tax Department.

How to e-verify ITR using EVC?

    • Step 1: Login to your account on the official e-filing portal (2).Login into Income Tax Filing Website to e-verify ITR


    • Step 2: Click on “Generate EVC” under “My Account”.Step 2 of 4 - Select Generate EVC Option to E-verify your ITR


      • Step 3: Select your preferred option to generate the EVC. However, net banking is the most recommended option. Once you finish generating the EVC, it will be sent to your registered email ID and mobile number.Select your preferred netbanking option to verify your ITR


    • Step 4: Enter the EVC in the given space and click on “Submit”.e-Verify ITR by entering the generated EVC


e-Verification Acknowledgement with the transaction ID will appear on the screen and will be sent to your registered email ID, after you successfully complete the verification process.

SIDE NOTE: To generate the EVC via net banking, your bank account must be linked with your Aadhaar.

How to e-Verify ITR with Aadhaar OTP

    • Step 1: Login to your account on the official e-filing portal (3).Login into Income Tax Filing Website for ITR Verification with Aadhaar OTP


    • Step 2: Click on “e-Verify Return” under “My Account”.Step 2 of 4 - ITR-Verification with Aadhaar OTP


    • Step 3: Click on “e-Verify” against the assessment year for which you wish to file your return.Select your preferred year for ITR Verification


    • Step 4: Select “Option 3- I would like to use Aadhaar OTP to e-verify my return”.Step 4 of 6 - Choose option 3 of use Aadhaar OTP to file ITR


    • Step 5: Select the relevant option depending on whether you already have an Aadhaar OTP or not. It will be sent to your mobile number registered with Aadhaar.Choose the relevant option to E-verify ITR through Aadhaar OTP


    • Step 6: Enter the Aadhaar OTP in the given space and check the box for agreement to validate your Aadhaar details with UIDAI; click on “Submit”.Final Step of ITR Verification through Aadhaar OTP


e-Verification Acknowledgement with the transaction ID will appear on the screen and will be sent to your registered email ID, after you successfully complete the verification process.

Offline ITR Verification

It is possible to verify your return offline as well. If you choose to physically verify your return, you must download, print and sign the ITR-V form in blue ink only. Send the signed form via post or speed post to the below address:

CPC, Income Tax Department, Post Box No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore-560500, Karnataka.

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Pre-validate Bank Account on Income Tax e-Filing Portal

    • Step 1: Login to your account on the official e-filing portal (2).Step 1 of Pre-Validating your Bank Account


    • Step 2: Click on “Prevalidate Your Bank Account” under “Profile Settings”.Step 2 of Prevalidating Bank Account for getting Refund


    • Step 3: Enter your bank account details and the mobile number and email ID linked to the bank account.Step 3 of Prevalidation of Bank Account on Income Tax Portal


    • Step 4: Review the details you have entered and click on “Prevalidate”.Step 4 - Confirmation Message of Successful Prevalidation of Bank Account


A confirmation message will appear on the screen with the transaction ID.

What is EVC?

Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is a 10-digit alpha-numeric code unique to each PAN. With the introduction of EVC, the need for offline verification has been eliminated. You can e-verify your ITR by simply entering the EVC on the e-filing portal.

How to Generate EVC?

There are five ways to generate the EVC:

  1. Net Banking [List of authorised banks]
  2. Bank ATM
  3. Aadhaar based OTP
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Demat Account Number

Generate EVC via Bank ATM

Read the below steps to generate the EVC via Bank ATM and then complete the verification online on the e-filing portal:

  • Step 1: Visit the nearest ATM of any of the authorised banks.
  • Step 2: Insert your card in the ATM machine and enter your bank account PIN.
  • Step 3: Select the option to generate EVC from the menu on the ATM machine screen. You will receive the EVC on your registered mobile number.
  • Step 4: Note the EVC which you will receive on your registered mobile number. It will be valid only for 72 hours from the date of generating it.
  • Step 5: Login to your account on the official e-filing portal (4) and follow the verification procedure mentioned above to e-verify your return.

SIDENOTE: The authorised banks for generating EVC via bank ATM are Axis Bank Ltd, Central Bank of India, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Canara Bank and IDBI Bank.

People Also Ask

Q. How do I check if my ITR is verified?

A. You can check if your ITR is verified by clicking on “ITR Status” on the e-filing portal. You will require your PAN details and acknowledgement number.

Interpretation of Online ITR-V Status
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Q. How to e-verify ITR through SBI net banking?

A. Read this detailed blog by H&R Block to understand how to e-verify ITR though SBI net banking. It is also possible to e-verify through other banks as well.

Q. After e-verification of ITR what to do?

A. After the successful e-verification of ITR, you will get an intimation u/s 143(1) from the ITD. In case you have made a mistake in your return, you may receive a notice from the tax department. Get in touch with us and we will take care of the rest!

By introducing EVC, the government has further digitised ITR verification, making the process completely paperless. However, out of all the options, net banking is the simplest and fastest method to generate EVC and e-verify your return.

How can H&R Block help you?

If you have a refund due or an outstanding tax demand from the ITD, it is best to get expert assistance to ensure maximum tax benefits. Our team of in-house tax experts can help you with tax planning and investment strategies and take care of any tax notice you may have received.

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