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Difference Between DSC and DIN

Last Update Date : April 29, 2019
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dsc and din

One of the famous modes of entertainment is the movie industry. There is a very famous saying that the actors are a part of the movie, but the director is the movie. It isn’t the picture, and it isn’t the camera – it’s the operator. Take for example the Bahubali series. A simple movie with a very common storyline was made extravagant with the vision of its director. Such is the impact; a director has on the production and the success. The directors in the movie business can often be compared to the director of a company. A director of a company is a person who is responsible for managing the company’s business activities. The director makes the decisions for the betterment of the company and its employees. These decisions are to be conveyed to the employees but require authentication. This authentication is then provided by the digital signatures.

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is the authentication of the identity of the person owning it. A digital signature is the electronic form of one’s signature. A digital signature on any document validates its legality and application.

Legality of DSC

Only you can use the digital signature issued on your name. Use of any other digital signature against your name is illegal and will be liable for punishment and penalty.

Certification Agencies for DSC

The Controller of Certification Agencies forms the certification agencies which then issues the digital signature certificates for the required individuals under the Information Technology Act 2000. There eight certification agencies Disclosure Record of Safescrypt, Disclosure Record of iTrust, National Informatics Centre, Disclosure Record of (n) Code Solutions, Disclosure Record of e-Mudhra, Disclosure Record of CDAC, Disclosure Record of NSDL e-Gov and Disclosure Record of Capricorn.

Different Types of DCS

Class 2: When the digital signature is used for filing Income Tax documents, registrar of company and Value Added Tax Documents, Class 2 type of DCS is issued.
Class 3: When the digital signature is used for filling supplier registration, contract form, bidding document, and filing of tenders, Class 3 type of DCS are issued.
Director General Foreign Trade: When importers and exporters use the digital signature for foreign trade documents DGFT DCS is issued.


The DSC issued is valid for either 1 year, 2 years or 3 years for class 2 and class 3 type and 1 year or 2 years for DGFT type. After the expiry of existing DSC, the same can be renewed again for no limit of years.


The cost includes the cost of the medium, cost of issuance and cost of renewing the certificate and the agency under which it is issued. Following is the average price of DSC.

DSC TypeDSC Issued forValidity (in years)Price
 Class 2IndividualOne1000
Class 3IndividualOne2400

Documents Required for Obtaining a DSC

  • Application Form
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Attesting Officer Proof
  • Authorisation Letter
  • Organisational Proof
  • Authorised Signatory Proof

You have to submit all the documents to any one of the certification centres to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate.

Director Identification Number

The number allotted to a director of a company which is unique is known as Director Identification Number. The DIN describes the details of the person to whom it is allotted. It is compulsory for every director to acquire this number according to the Companies Act 2006. DIN ensures that the director carries out his roles and responsibilities mentioned in the Companies Act efficiently and do not conduct any fraud activities.


The application fees required to be submitted for obtaining a DIN is Rs 500.

Documents Required for Obtaining DIN

  • Application Forms (whichever is applicable):
    SPICe Form: First-time directors of a new company
    DIR-3 Form: Director of an existing company
    DIR-6 Form: Changes in details of the existing director of the company
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Residence
  • Photograph
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Company details

Successful submission of the documents and payment fees will start your application process, and an approved DIN will be issued against your name.

In case any duplicate application is found in your name, you will be provided with a provisional DIN which upon e-Verification through DIR-4, will change to the approved DIN.

Rejection of DIN Application

The DIN application may get rejected due to the following reasons:

  • Non-submission of the documents
  • Incorrect documents submitted
  • Minor mistakes in filling the application form
  • Mismatch of details filled in the application form with that on the proofs submitted
  • Documents are not self-attested

Major Difference Between DSC and DIN

  1. DSC is required to obtain a DIN whereas DIN is not mandatory for obtaining a DSC
  2. DSC can be issued to anybody who is interested in having one, but DIN can be issued only to the director of a company.
  3. DSC is the authentication of an online document whereas DIN is the number containing the details of the director of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the use of DSC?
    It is used for signing on online documents which cannot be hand signed.
  2. In how much time is a DSC issued after submission of application?
    DSC is issued by the certification agency within 3-7 days, and if it the application is based on e-KYC, it is issued on that particular day itself.
  3. Which department will allot DIN to the directors?
    Central Government (Ministry of Corporate affairs) allots the DIN.
  4. If DIN application is rejected, is it required to make a new application?
    No! The rejected application itself can be rectified for obtaining the DIN.
  5. Does the application form need to be signed by anybody else other than the applicant?
    Yes! The chartered accountant or the company secretary or the cost accountant who is a full-time employee of the company has to sign the application form along with the applicant.

The DSC provides authentication to the online document, and the DIN provides the identification to the director of a company. You need to have a DSC to apply for DIN. Therefore, if you are being promoted to a director of your company, you need to apply for your DIN, and you must have the DSC.

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