Guides on Basics of Tax

EPF Passbook Online

Access your EPF passbook to get details like your EPF credit, debit, and balance status. Use this guide by H&R Block to check your UAN passbook status.

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme is gold in form of paper issued by RBI on behalf of Government of India. Read this guide by H&R Block to know more.

What is Form 10C?

You can use Form 10C to withdraw money from your EPS account or obtain the EPS certificate before retirement without closing your account.

Life Insurance in India

Life Insurance is a legal contract between the Insurer or and the Insured to provide a certain designated sum of money as a benefit to the Insured family on occurrence of any event.

Home Insurance in India

Home Insurance policy is a very powerful tool that would protect the house owners and tenants from unexpected natural and man-made calamities.

Venture Capital Funds

Venture capital funds is an investment that has high risk and high return opportunities. This article expalins the investment in a detailed manner.

Repo Rate – How it Works?

Repo rate means rate at which liquidity is injected to a commercial bank by RBI, whereas reverse repo rate means rate at which RBI acquires liquidity from commercial bank.

What is IFSC Code?

This article by H&R Block helps you understand what IFSC code is and why is it used for making financial transactions to/from the bank.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping involves maintaining sales debit and credit notes. In this guide by H&R Block, everything about bookkeeping is explained.

Value Research Rating for Mutual Funds

Value Research Rating is a mutual fund rating which is highly reliable. In this article by H&R Block, let us understand the rating procedure of mutual funds

All You Need To Know About Provident Fund

Provident Fund is a important investment which is been made by your employer as soon as you join the organisation. Know everything about PF in this guide by H&R Block.

LIC Payment Online

Insuring your life is important and Life Insurance Corporation or LIC has made that possible by their continuous efforts. In this guide by H&R Block, we will see the different modes of making LIC payments.

EPF Registration Process

Employee Provident Fund ensures social security which is a great initiative by the government that has many benefits attached to it.

Securities Transaction Tax or STT

Share Transaction Tax or STT is applicable on the profits from share transactions. Read this this comprehensive guide by H&R Block to know more.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme has been implemented by the government to provide affordable homes in both the urban and rural areas of the country.

What is a Bank Current Account?

A Current Account is a bank account designed for businessmen. Read this comprehensive guide to know the documents required and procedure to open such an account.

What is a Balance Sheet?

Read this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India to learn all about the balance sheet, its method of preparation, formula, format and example.

Online Income Tax Payment Through Challan 280

A Step by step guide by H&R Block on how to pay income tax online. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions around online income tax payment and advantages of self assessment tax payment.

Form 15G/H Save TDS on Interest Income

You are required to submit Form 15G whenever you earn interest from investments in banks. Read this guide by H&R Block to learn how to submit and who can submit Form 15g/h.

Tax Calendar – Income Tax Due Dates for 2018-19

Refer to this tax calendar to know all the important income tax due dates. This comprehensive tax calendar by H&R Block India will help you keep track of important tax related dates and deadlines.

Gift Tax in India

Knowing how gift tax in India works can help you save the amount of income tax you pay. Read about the gift tax rates, rules and exemptions in this in-depth guide written by H&R Block.

Online UAN Activation Guide

UAN Activation is done by registering for UAN using epfo login. Once you get your UAN Number you need to activate your UAN. Click here to read the process.

Section 94A and Its Significance Against Black Money

Out of various measures taken by the Government, to control the generation and circulation of black money, Section 94A was introduced as an effective step towards the same. Read this guide by H&R Block to know more about Section 94A

What is a Personal Loan?

Read this comprehensive guide by H&R Block India before you apply for a personal loan to know how to borrow money smartly and save tax.

Understanding 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix

7th Pay Commission brought in some good news for the central government employees as well as for the pensioners. This guide by H&R Block explains everything about 7th Pay Commission.

e-Tax Payment using OLTAS

Learn about e-tax payment & challan correction, etc. using the OLTAS service of the Income Tax Department in this comprehensive guide by H&R Block.

Section 193 of Income Tax Act

For interest earned from investments in securities, TDS must be deducted . Read this section on Section 193 to learn about TDS on securities.

Which PF Withdrawal Forms to Use

When its time to withdraw your PF funds from your EPF account, there are specific PF withdrawal forms to use. Read this guide to know more.

What is EPFO E-Sewa

The launch of EPFO e-sewa services makes it easy for EPF account holders to process withdrawals and payments online and other devices. Read more here.

Difference Between DSC and DIN

DSC and DIN both hold equal importance in their respective places. This guide of H&R Block India covers the concept of DSC and DIN.

Form 3CD – Income Tax Audit Form

Form 3CD is the tax audit report to be furnished by the tax auditors to the income tax department. Let us learn about the same in detail in this guide by H&R Block.

AIR- Annual Information Report

AIR stands for Annual Information Report contains high valued transaction of specified individuals and companies. It is a type of report describing overall detail of the same, which will be detailed in this guide by H&R Block India.

Everything You Need to Know About Rent Receipts

Rent receipts are the documents you can receive from owner and act as a confirmation for the payment made as rent. Rent receipts are also asked by employers that can help them in claiming HRA. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more.

Wealth Tax in India

Wealth Tax is a kind of direct tax levied on productive assets (net asset value after valuation of assets ) of an individual, Hindu Undivided Family (HUFs), Companies etc that is paid to government. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more about Wealth Tax in India.

Importance of Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is not only important for between landlord and tenant but it is also useful for availing of HRA exemptions from the employer. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more about rental agreements.

Salary Slip Format in India

Salary slip is a very important document proof of your income and so understanding its terms is necessary. H&R Block India provides you with a complete guide to reading understanding your salary slip.

Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme

Kisan Vikas Patra is a savings scheme for long term introduced by Government in 1988. It is of three types- 1. Single holder 2. Joint A 3. Joint B. Its interest rates are fixed regardless of the market situation and being government scheme its risk-free. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana is a national wide scheme introduced by the government on 28th August 2014 to provide bank account facilities to each and every household. Get to know more about the benefits, eligibility, overdraft facilities in this guide by H&R Block.

Professional Tax in India

Professional tax is levied on earning individuals by the State Government. It is charged at various slab rates depending upon the income of the individual. Different states have different slabs. Find slabs applicable in your state in this guide by H&R Block.

Gratuity in India – Explained in Detail

Gratuity is an important component of salary. In this guide by H&R Block you will learn about the gratuity calculation formula in order to understand how to calculate gratuity as per the Payment of Gratuity act 1972. Click here to read more!

Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number

If you are planning to start your own business and you will be paying salaries to your employees, then you must have a TAN Number. In this guide by H&R Block learn more about how to register for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number and it's importance.

Direct and Indirect Taxes in India

Direct and indirect taxes are two types of tax which depends upon whether the burden to pay the taxes can be shifted or not. In this comprehensive guide by H&R Block the difference between direct and indirect taxes, their role in controlling money supply, etc., is discussed.

Income Tax Slab in India

Know the latest income tax slab rates for salaried individuals and other categories of taxpayers in India. This comprehensive guide by H&R Block India covers new income tax rates for FY 2018-19 and previous year tax slabs for FY 2017-18 and FY 2016-17. Also, learn how to calculate income tax based on the slab rate.

Understanding Income Tax Form 16

Want to know what is Form 16? Well it is one of the most important document in income tax filing for salaried individuals. Understand the Form 16 format in detail as it is divided into two parts Part A and B. Know who is eligible to get this form and when do you receive it?

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