Guides on Allowances

Car Allowance and its Tax Benefits

Motor car allowance is one of the widely provided facility to the employee by the employer. But did you know this perquisite is taxable to an extent in your hands. This guide by H&R Block will help you get better understanding on the same.

Importance of Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is not only important for between landlord and tenant but it is also useful for availing of HRA exemptions from the employer. Read this guide by H&R Block India to know more about rental agreements.

List of Exemptions under Section 10 of Income Tax Act

Income tax provides a long list of exempted Incomes under section 10. Includes House Rent allowances, Leave Travel Concession, Uniform allowances, Education Allowances and many more. This guide by H&R Block explains all the exemptions available in detailed.

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