GST State Code List of India & GST Jurisdiction

Last Update Date : April 27, 2019
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GST State code and jurisdiction

India was a house under renovation these past couple of years as we were trying to put our house in order. Having built our house, we should also be able to deliver growth. GST was introduced to achieve economic integration of India. Though the introduction of Goods and Service Tax created short-term disruptions, these measures are likely to bring long-term benefits.

List of State Codes for GST

Below is the list of the states along with state code for your reference. The Union Territories are marked in green to locate them easily.

Serial No State Name GST State Code Alphabetic Code
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35 AN
2 Andhra Pradesh 28 AP
3 Andhra Pradesh (New) 37 AD
4 Arunachal Pradesh 12 AR
5 Assam 18 AS
6 Bihar 10 BH
7 Chandigarh 04 CH
8 Chattisgarh 22 CT
9 Dadra and Nager Haveli 26 DN
10 Daman and Diu 25 DD
11 Delhi 07 DL
12 Goa 30 GA
13 Gujrat 24 GJ
14 Haryana 06 HR
15 Himachal Pradesh 02 HP
16 Jammu and Kashmir 01 JK
17 Jharkhand 20 JH
18 Karnataka 29 KA
19 Kerala 32 KL
20 Lakshadweep Islands 31 LD
21 Madhya Pradesh 23 MP
22 Maharashtra 27 MH
23 Manipur 14 MN
24 Meghalaya 17 ME
25 Mizoram 15 MI
26 Nagaland 13 NL
27 Odisha 21 OR
28 Pondicherry 34 PY
29 Punjab 03 PB
30 Rajasthan 08 RJ
31 Sikkim 11 SK

How to Know Your GST Jurisdiction?

Central Board of Excise and Custom (Department of CBEC) has provided the Jurisdiction finder on their web site which is very important to know the Jurisdictional Officer for your GSTIN operations. Any tax payer while going through the GST Registration process is required to provide the Jurisdiction details in the form.

Step-wise Procedure to check the Jurisdiction Status is as follows:

  • Step 1: Once you open the CBEC website, select “STATE” option on the left side of the web page.

GST Juisdiction Step 1

  • Step 2: Now select the ‘Zone’ and ‘Commissionerate’ details

Step 2: Know your Jurisdiction GST

  • Step 3: Lastly, select the ‘Divisional’ and ‘Range’ details.

State Jurisdiction ward for GST Step 3

Now after you have entered all the details like State, Zone, Commissionerate, Divisional and Range details, your Jurisdiction will be displayed on the screen.

GST seeks to bundle central and state taxes under one corridor to create a seamless national market in India. The Anti-profiteering authority is set up that will take care of specific activities to ensure smooth flow of crucial elements and ensure consumers get the maximum benefits.

How earlyGST can help you?

earlyGST by H&R Block India is here to assist you with the services related to GST return filing and help you resolve your queries to file accurate returns of your businesses.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions around State Codes

Why GST State Code?

As India is vast and has 29 states and 7 union territories, it would be easier to identify the business origin or from which state the taxpayer is registered to GSTN (Goods and Service Tax Network) along with the area from which he is operating his business. In the GST system, each state is allotted with a two-digit number. So, the State Code would play an important role in giving its identity to the GSTIN number.

Also, while the invoice details in GST returns are entered for any sale within the state or between two different states made by an unregistered dealer, the GST State Code is also used by the taxpayer.

Where do you find the GST State Code?

While migrating to the GST system or in cases of new registration, a business will receive the 15-digit GSTIN number. This will ensure that the suppliers quote the correct GSTIN number in their invoices along with the invoices given to customers because the input tax credit depends on this due diligence.
The first two digit of every GSTIN number lies the ‘State Code’ where the taxpayer is registered. A two-digit state code is allotted to each state in India in order to get the details of origin and consumption of Goods and Services. Let’s look at the GSTIN format as we learn more and get into the details.

Sample GSTIN


After state code comes the 10-digit unique PAN number that acts as an identity of the individuals, ‘Entity Number’ which is the 13th digit that represents the number of registrations as a business entity within the state for the same PAN number.   The 14th digit will be Z by default for every registered user.

And the last digit acts as a checker and in case the last digits are keyed in incorrectly, the system will show an error informing that the wrong GSTIN is entered.

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