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Last Update Date : May 04, 2019
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GST Login Portal

GST implementation has made people rush for registering their businesses under GST. There are a lot of people who do not know the actual process of logging in to the GST portal for some reason or the other. This comprehensive guide by H&R Block deals with the steps you require to log in to your account on the GST portal and the ways through which you can solve various issues/ problems on the portal.

What is GST Portal?

GST portal is the government’s website for facilitating services and ensuring compliance relating to GST as prescribed by the Law.

How to Register with GST?

To Login to the GST portal, you will first have to register yourself under the GST regime. For registering under GST, you will have to go to the official GST website and apply for registration. The registration process can be completed by submitting all the necessary documents and filling out the important information. On completion of the entire GST registration process, you can log in to the portal as and when you want.

How to Login in GST Portal?

Following are the steps needed to login to the GST Portal:

GST Home Page Login

  • Step 2: Click on Login Tab as appearing on the top right-hand side of the screenshot attached above


  • Step 3: You will be directed to a page as appearing below. Enter the Username, Password and the Captcha code and click on the Login button

GST Login Credentials

  • Step 4: You will be further directed to the dashboard as appearing below where you can select the required option and proceed further.

Dashboard of GST Login Portal

How can H&R Block help you?

After implementation of GST, the tax compliance requirements changed drastically. As a result, several businesses find it challenging to focus on their business while trying to be GST compliant. This is where we come into the picture. Our team of in-house GST experts can help you meet all the GST compliance requirements right from registration and filing of returns to handling notices.

How to Login for the First Time on the GST Portal?

Step 1: If you are logging in for the first time on the GST portal, there is a separate option available for you as appearing on the downward side of the screenshot attached in step 2 shown above

First Time Users Login in to GST Portal

You can click on this option “First-time login” for logging in to the GST portal using GSTIN allotted while registering on the GST portal

Step 2: You will be directed to a screen as shown below. You can enter the respective details (Provisional Id / GSTIN) and password and thus, log in on the GST portal

GST Login Portal Sign Up Credentials

What Services are Offered on the GST Portal?

The GST portal offers various services related to registration, return filing, GST payments, refunds and other user services. Promoting the concept of digital India, the GST portal allows the taxpayer to file all the applications online on the portal itself without manual intervention and physical submission of documents.

Here are some of the recently updated services available on the GST portal:

  • Amendment of Registration (Core and Non-core fields)
  • Application for cancellation of Registration
  • Application to opt for composition levy/withdrawal from composition levy
  • Stock Intimation for composition levy
  • Viewing Electronic Cash / Credit Ledger
  • Filing of GST returns and forms
  • Tracking of the returns and forms filed
  • Making Payments of GST and viewing Challan history
  • Furnishing LUT for exports
  • Filing Grievances / Complaints
  • Filing of Advance ruling Applications
  • Application for Refunds and Tracking of details of Invoices transmitted to ICEGATE for Refunds, Etc.

Common Issues Faced During GST Login

Forgot Username: There is an option on the home page of the GST portal “Forgot username” which can be used to reset the username on the GST website.

Once you click on that button, the below-pasted screen will appear:

You can enter your GSTIN and generate an OTP which will be sent to your registered email id and mobile number. Once you enter the OTP received, you can generate/create a new username and login to the portal using the same.

Forgot Password: There is an option on the home page of the GST portal “Forgot password” which can be used to reset the password on the GST website. Once you click on that button, the below-pasted screen will appear.

You can enter your Username and generate an OTP which will be sent to your registered email id and mobile number. Once you enter the OTP received, you can generate/create a new password and login to the portal using the same.

OTP not Received: If you have not received the OTP for the first time, there is an option available to Resend OTP. You can click on that option and regenerate the OTP. If you still do not receive the OTP in your mail, it is possible that the mail might have come in your spam folder in the mailbox.
If you still are not able to receive the OTP SMS on your phone, you can check with your service provider that your mobile number is not activated with “Do not disturb” services.

Access Denied Error: Many times, it happens that after logging in on the GST portal, it shows an error named “Access Denied” and the following screen appears:

GST Login Portal Access denied error

This may happen due to various reasons. Firstly, you need to check whether someone else has a login on the same GSTIN from any other system because it often expires the session if multiple people have logged on at the same time.

Secondly, it also happens when your password expires, and therefore you will have to click on “forgot password” button on the home page and try resetting your existing password to avoid this error when you log in again.

If you are still facing this issue frequently, then it is possible that the GSTN seems to have compatibility issues with Google Chrome or Firefox. You may try using Internet Explorer for better results.

Any other issue: If you are facing any other issue relating to logging on the GST portal, you can register the complaint on the grievance redressal portal for GST ( which appears as follows:

Login Issues on Grievance Redressal portal for GST

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