GST Health Check

Get an expert to do a detailed review of your GST Compliance processes


  • Complete review and reconciliation of your books and returns
  • Proper identification, reporting and rectification of errors in your books and returns
  • Modifications of your process to help them bring in-line with the GST compliance requirements

Benefits of GST Health Check

  • Timely identification and rectification of errors in your books of accounts and GST returns to streamline your compliance activities
  • Appropriate documentation to help you avoid scrutiny or prepare you to respond to one confidently
  • Effective modification of your processes to ensure proper compliance with the constantly changing GST laws, and avoid heavy interest and penalty

Health Check Process

  1. We meet you and understand your specific business situation and prepare a customized check list of actions to be taken under Health Check
  2. We thoroughly review your books and returns, and match them with the detailed action checklist of Health Check
  3. Our GST experts then analyze your documents and look for issues, concerns and present an Observation Project Report
  4. If you need, then the findings from the Report are used to make appropriate changes in your GST compliance processes

Here is what happpend with Mr. Sharma

Mr. Sharma worries about whether his company follows the correct compliance guidelines
Mr. Sharma asked us to do the GST Health Check and followed the changes that we suggested in the compliance processes.
Mr. Sharma’s team is following the correct GST compliant processes, always files correct returns, and have never got a scrutiny notice ever since.

Health Check Activities

  • Reconciling sales or revenue income with outward supply value as per return
  • Reconciling GSTR-3B & GSTR-1 & subsequently adjusting or rectifying returns
  • Classifying goods or services based on respective tax rates
  • Checking admissibility of TRAN-1 credit
  • Checking admissibility of input tax credit (ITC) & “negative list”
  • Verifying “place of supply” to check whether correct GST is charged
  • Identifying reverse charge liability
  • Making correct adjustment of advances in earlier month
  • Supplying services free of cost to branches located in other states
  • All service transactions with group companies
  • Timely recovery from employees
  • Writing-off value of goods in the books of accounts
  • Reversing input tax credit wherever required
  • Claiming input tax credit on pre-paid expenses