GST Reconciliation Service
at Rs. 999 per GSTIN

Why wait till end of the month to reconcile your
data with your vendor. Do it in real time with our GST services


GST Reconciliation Services

Our earlyGST Reconciliation service is designed to help corporates do a pre-check of their returns, before they are filed on the GSTN network and reduce the chance of mismatch significantly through invoice matching with vendors and customers.

Who should use

  • Organizations having large number of inward invoices and
  • You are dealing with multifold small & medium sized vendors

Service offering

  • Early reconciliation of your invoices with that of your vendors before filing your returns with the GSTN
  • Automatic categorization of the mismatches to ease the process with real time dashboard for the key statistics
  • Dedicated team to handle your mismatches & follow up with vendors on actionable

Our Approach

Stage 1
Client share their purchase data and we download their GSTR 2A from the GSTN portal
Stage 2
Our SmartRec system bifurcates the mismatches into categories based on different actionables
Stage 3
Our tax experts connect with both vendors and the internal team to resolve the mismatches
Stage 4
We provide client with detailed report for all vendor correspondence and accurately and timely file GSTR 2


  • Accurate & Timely

    Our GST experts are updated with the latest development in GST, to ensure accurate and timely filing

  • Early reconciliation

    Reconciliation of your invoices with that of your vendors before filing it on GSTN, to avoid last minute issues

  • Secure & Confidential

    We adhere to very strong security protocols and are in the process of being ISO 27001 certified.

  • Get your due credit

    Our proprietary software and reconciliation process allows for accurate & maximum input tax credit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the recipient can himself feed the invoices not uploaded by his supplier. The credit on such invoices will also be given provisionally but will be subject to matching. On matching, if the invoice is not uploaded by the supplier, both of them will be intimated. If the mismatch is rectified, provisional credit will be confirmed. But if the mismatch continues, the amount will be added to the output tax liability of the recipient in the returns for the month subsequent to the month in which such discrepancy was communicated.
While a large part of GSTR-2 will be auto-populated, there are some details that only recipient can fill like details of imports, details of purchases from non-registered or composition suppliers and exempt/non-GST/nil GST supplies etc.
If invoices in GSTR-2 do not match with invoices in counter-party GSTR-1, then such mismatch shall be intimated to the supplier. If the mismatch continues even after it is made known to both and still it is not rectified. Mismatch can be because of two reasons. First, it could be due to mistake at the side of the recipient, and in such a case, no further action is required. Secondly, it could be possible that the said invoice was issued by supplier but he did not upload it and pay tax on it. In such a case, the ITC availed by the recipient would be added to his output tax liability, in short, all mismatches will lead to proceedings if the supplier has made a supply but not paid tax on it.
At any stage, but before September of the next financial year, supplier can upload the invoice and pay duty and interest on such missing invoices in his GSTR-3 of the month in which he had earlier failed to upload the invoice. The recipient shall be eligible to reduce his output tax liability to the extent of the amount in respect of which the supplier has rectified the mis-match. The interest paid by the recipient at the time of reversal will also be refunded to the recipient by crediting the amount in corresponding head of his electronic cash ledger.
The special feature of GSTR-2 is that the details of supplies received by a recipient can be auto populated on the basis of the details furnished by the counterparty supplier in his GSTR-1.
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