Form 16 Generator Features

  • Generates Part B and Form 12BA
  • Facilitates merging Part A and Part B
  • Enables to digitally sign the generated Form 16
  • Allows to ‘password protect’ the generated Form 16
  • Facilitates to customize the software as per your needs
  • Enables linking of Form 16 to file the Income Tax online

Form 16 Generation Process

  1. Download and install the Form 16 Generator
  2. Populate the excel template with payroll details of all the employees
  3. Choose the relevant step/s that you want to perform to generate your Form 16
  4. Upload the excel file containing the payroll data
  5. Generate Part-B or merge Part-A and Part-B or digitally sign the generated Form 16
  6. The generated Form 16 will be saved on your computer in PDF format

Form 16 Advantages

  • It’s free of cost
  • Fast and efficient way of generating Form 16 for small and medium sized corporates
  • Option to generate Form 16 for all or a single selected employee
  • Generate, merge, sign and password protect your Form 16 with a single software
  • Each of the above utilities can also work independently
  • Does not need the employer to physically sign every Form 16
  • Environment friendly

Frequently Asked

Yes, H&R Block India is offering this software Free of cost, with no hidden cost.

Your computer should have the following
Microsoft Windows Excel 2010 or above
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above (available on all the new Windows OS)

In case of any queries, you can email us on and our team will contact you to get the issue solved.

When you download the Form 16 Generator, you will get the warning – Form_16 is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.
Don’t worry, please follow the steps given below to install the software –
1. Click on the small arrow next to ‘Discard’ and then click on ‘Keep’
2. The file will get downloaded successfully.
3. Right click on the downloaded folder and click on ‘Extract all’
4. The Form 16 Generator folder will open. Go to the Setup Folder inside the mail folder.
5. Click on the setup file.
6. Windows will show a pop-up – ‘Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?’
7. Click on ‘Yes’ – this is absolutely safe.
8. The Form 16 Generator is successfully installed on your computer.