Read this guide by earlyGST to understand what form GSTR 10 is and why do you need to file it on GST common portal.

All you Need to Know about GSTR-10

Last Update Date : January 08, 2018

Here is a quick list of documents needed for tax filing, which should be handy, particularly while filing your return online. However, it varies from individual to individual depending on their income and their tax slabs.

What is Form GSTR-10?

The Goods and Services Tax Return 10 is a document to be filed by a taxable person registered under GST law who opts for cancellation of GST registration.

Who can file Form GSTR-10?

GSTR-10, under section 45, is required to be furnished by a taxable person who ceases to do business either voluntarily or unwillingly ( an order by the authorities).

When to file Form GSTR-10?

The GSTR-10 needs to be electronically filed within 3 months of the date of cancellation or date of issue of cancellation order, whichever is later.

What Details are Included in GSTR-10?

GSTR-10 contain the details pertaining to business closure and closing stock on that date.

Proforma of Form GSTR-10

You can view and download the form here.

Headings that Appear under Form GSTR-10 and their Significance

Most of the headings under this return are auto-populated from the details of the concerned taxable person except for date of cancellation and closing stock details.

# Headings Details to be furnished
1. GSTIN (Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number ) 15 digit state-wise PAN number which will be auto-populated when a tax payer selects to file GSTR-10
2. Name of the person/business liable to deduct the tax Both registered name of a taxpayer and legal name of the business establishment will be auto-populated when a taxpayer selects to file GSTR-10
3. Address The company address submitted for GSTIN registration will be auto populated here.
4. ARN (Application Registration Number) If application for the cancellation of the business is approved by tax authorities, ARN will be furnished here.
5. Effective date of cancellation / date of business surrender The effective date of either cancellation of business or surrender of business is mentioned under this heading
6. If order for cancellation has been passed? To be clearly specified whether business has been closed voluntarily or by force of authorities.
7. If yes, UID of cancellation order In case of forced cancellation, this heading needs to be filled up with unique identification number of cancellation order
8. Date of cancellation order Date of issue of cancellation order needs to be furnished under this head
9. Details of closing stock / inventory Enter the entire details pertaining to closing stock at that date of closure of your business. It should also mention input tax credit (ITC) related to your closing stock.
10. Taxable amount on closing stock / inventory Whatever tax you owe on the amount of your closing stock on the date of the closure of your business, is mentioned under this head.

Upon filling up all the sections of the GSTR-10, a taxpayer is required to declare the authenticity of the document and sign it electronically. Either this can be verified using a DSC or an Aadhaar based verification system.

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