How to do a GST Number Search Online?

Last Update Date : August 20, 2018

Since the rollout of the GST regime, most businesses with an annual turnover of Rs 20 lakh had to get registered.  Each business was allotted a 15 digit unique identification number, the GSTIN, which was required to be printed on every invoice issued.  However, businesses who were resisting registering under GST, started using fake GSTIN, which caused problems during filing, as every GSTIN is verified through the online GST number search.  Read this guide to learn about how to do GSTIN verification and avoid problems during reconciliation.

What is GSTIN?

Your GSTIN is your unique business identity, consisting of 15 digits (image below).  This unique identity will be used when filing your returns, against those of your vendors, thereby creating transparency in all transactions and reducing the chances of tax manipulation and evasion. However, many businesses have started creating fake GSTIN’s and charging customers GST on products and profiting the GST collected, as it is not handed over to the government.  You can easily verify whether a business’s GSTIN is original or fake with a few clicks on

Sample GSTIN

Misuse of GSTIN

A change brought to the methods used causes unrest, leading to misuse/abuse of the system initially.  Implementation of GST has seen some businesses profiting from GST.  By displaying a fake GSTIN on the invoices, businesses have charged GST and pocketed the tax collected, instead of depositing with the government. However, this evasion and manipulation cannot last long as when returns are filed, the mismatches will become clear and drop the spotlight on the culprits.

Checking GSTIN with earlyGST by H&R Block

By opting for the GST services provided by earlyGST by H&R Block India, your GST experts will take care of GSTIN verification so that your reconciliation process is always hassle-free, which means immediately availability of input credits.  Your personal GST experts will:

  • Bulk verify all your vendor’s GSTIN and provide the details of vendor, for example: taxpayer’s name, date of registration, authenticated GSTIN etc.
  • Immediate online verification of GSTIN uploaded by vendor
  • New onboarded client GSTIN authenticated online immediately

Reporting Fake GSTIN

If you find you have come across a fake or incorrect GSTIN, you can let the GST authorities know by emailing or them or calling them on: | +91 124 4688999 / +91 120 4888999.

To avoid conducting business with individuals using incorrect GSTIN, which can cost you time and money, enlist the aid of the GST experts at earlyGST by H&R Block India for stress free registration, compliance and reconciliation.

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