Guidelines for GST Certificate Download

Last Update Date : August 13, 2018

As important as getting yourself registered under GST is, it is equally important that you obtain the GST registration certificate. This certificate can be obtained from the GST portal. This article deals with the steps to be followed to download the registration certificate from the GST portal (Form Reg – 06) and its contents.

How to Download GST Certificate

  • Step 1: Login to the GSTN portal (1)
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Services’ tab and select ‘User Services’. Click on ‘View / Download Certificate’ as shown below

Gst Registration Certificate Download - Step 2


  • Step 3: Click on the download icon as shown in the screen below

Step 3: GST Certificate Online

**Please note that the GST registration certificate is not issued physically but it is only made available to the taxpayer through online GSTN portal itself.

GST Certificate Sample

Form Reg – 06 i. e. the registration certificate contains all the details about the business. It is accompanied by 2 Annexures (Annexure A and Annexure B).
The cover page deals with the basic details like name, address, constitution of business, registration number and date of issue of the certificate. It may be noted that GST registration is a one-time certificate and there is no expiry date of the same.

Registration Certificate Form GST REG-06

Annexure “A” contains the details of additional places of Business.

GST Certificate - Annexure A

Annexure “B” contains the details of the managing / whole time directors and key managerial persons (i.e. Person in charge of Business) (Name, designation, place of residence along with the photographs)

 GST Certificate - Annexure B

Important Information about GST Registration Certificate

Signature of the concerned officer not present

As discussed above, GST registration certificate is not provided physically but online on the portal itself. You may note that the signature of the authority sanctioning the certificate will not be present on the certificate and the system generated certificate itself validates the registration.

Display of registration certificate (Rule 18 of the CGST Rules 2017)

It may also be noted that the GST registration certificate is required to be pasted / displayed in all the branches of the business. Also, in case of composition dealer, the words “composition supplier” or “not eligible to collect tax” must also be displayed without fail.

Amendment of GST Registration Certificate during Initial Registration

There is a division created relating to amending the information in the registration certificate into 2 parts

  • Amendment of core fields: The core fields deals with amendments related to 3 categories
    1. Name of the business
    2. Addition / deletion of stakeholders
    3. Principal place of business or Additional place of business (Other than the change in state)
  • Amendment of non-core fields: Amendment in any other fields other than those mentioned above.

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