Self e-Filing of Income Tax Returnfor Free with #1 Tax Filing Portal

We have a highly intuitive software that makes e-filing easy.
Do hassle-free e-filing of your tax return with H&R Block.

  • An intuitive online application
  • The most accurate Income Tax calculation engine in India
  • Secured by Comodo
  • Saves time by auto-reading Form 16
  • Post-filing support if required

Self e-Filing Process

  1. Register & enter personal information
  2. Upload Form 16 & enter any other income
  3. Enter your deductions & answer some quick questions
  4. Review, e-file & verify ITR-V

Advantages of e-Filing Income Tax with H&R Block

  • Professionally handled Income Tax Return e-filing process
  • Auto-extraction of data from Form 16 with an intuitive tool
  • Post-filing support if required
  • Secured cloud storage facility for your documents & past returns
  • H&R Block’s global satisfaction and accuracy guarantees
  • Industry’s best proprietary application portal which is built in-house
  • Easy, hassle-free, fast and user-friendly application
  • Tips and helpful hints to guide you in filling up your details in the application
  • 100% secure with built-in encryption measures and assurance about the confidentiality of your personal information


“I filed my taxes in less than 10 minutes with H&R Block; it was truly a hassle-free experience. Chat and call support helped me file my taxes accurately.”

Moulika Likhadhari | Accenture (Team Lead)

“My biggest concern of keeping my tax documents secured was taken care of when I filed my taxes with H&R Block.”

Chandan Dey | TCS (Asso. Consultant)

Frequently Asked Questions during Income Tax e-Filing

Individuals with income from salary, house property and other sources can e-file their taxes using our DIY application. If you are salaried individual, Form 16 is required to e-file your tax return through our application.
You do not need to worry about choosing the right ITR form as our system does it automatically based on the details you fill in the application.
Yes, even if you have more than one Form 16, you can upload all of them and file your return.
We strictly follow the global standards of security. All our applications are 128-bit Verisign secured. Your data is 100% secure with built-in encryption techniques. Hence, you can rest assured about the confidentiality of your personal information. H&R Block is a registered e-Return Intermediary.
Yes, we do provide email support for any issue that you face while e-filing taxes through our application.

Financial Year (FY) is the year in which you earn the income.
Assessment Year (AY) is the year following the financial year in which you should evaluate the previous year’s income and pay taxes on it which get assessed by the I-T department. Both FY and AY start from 1st April and end on 31st March.
For example, if the FY under consideration is 2018-19, then the AY for this would be 2018-19.

Do not worry, our team of experts is here at your service. Choose our Income Tax Notice Management service to get the right guidance and a solution for your problem.

In case you haven’t received the Form ITR-V, please refer to our detailed guide to find out how you can download ITR-V.

Once you have e-filed your Income Tax Return, you need to either e-verify or physically verify your tax return. Our detailed guide on e-verification of ITR will help you understand the whole process.