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Are your Taxes optimized wisely by your Tax Consultant ?

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When planning to secure your financial future, it is wise to spread your money into various funds, schemes, deposits, foreign assets and accounts, etc. By diversifying your funds, you can take control of your financial freedom during your retirement age. However, wise financial planning includes tax planning and one of the key steps to wise financial planning includes consulting a tax professional so that when tax season rolls around and you have to file your tax return, you are not left paying hefty tax dues and having to consult several tax consultants depending on where your investments and income sources are located. Let’s see what you should be looking for when availing the aid of a tax expert to help you in all your tax related matters.

Have Experience and Knowledge?

While many individuals will have similar tax profiles, there will always be a significant percentage of taxpayers with unique situations, that will require an expert with thorough knowledge and experience to handle his/her unique case. For example, for salaried individuals earning income from freelancing/consulting, their returns will have to be filed in accordance to their profile, applying the various provisions and deductions applicable to him/her. Verify your tax consultant has the knowledge and experience to handle your unique case.

The variety of clients and the uniqueness of each client is easily handled by the experts readily available at H&R Block India. Whether it is responding to scrutiny notices sent by the ITD, or tax planning for specific situations, such as sale of property, treatment of taxes on mutual funds, tax filing in more than one country, etc. the in-house experts can cater to each individual’s needs, pertaining to taxes. You can consult your tax expert and if he/she does not have the expertise or knowledge, the H&R Block Team can assist you in every aspect, while maintaining client confidentiality and maintaining data security.

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Personalized and Proactive Services in Tax Saving and Planning?

An expert tax consultant will not only file your annual tax returns but provide proactive solutions based on your history and financial situation, so that the best tax saving investments are availed that will enable you to maximize deductions and reduce your annual tax liability. How well informed is your tax expert on the various financial situations arising in your life? For example, if you are planning on selling your property next year, then adequate tax planning will be required from our tax consultant today to handle the tax implications in the year of the sale.

Your personal tax expert, working as part of a larger team, at H&R Block India, can easily cater to your situation as he/she will have access to numerous tax experts with varying knowledge and expertise, that will ensure your needs and priorities are always met. Instances such as a client who finds him/herself needing to encash stock options, which will have tax implications, that may result in heavy costs. It is the job of the tax expert at H&R Block India to help the client in minimizing all tax implications. At H&R Block India, instead of being a client amongst an endless number, you can benefit from personalized and individual attention from your personal tax expert, who will acknowledge and respect your wishes when it comes to proactive tax planning, saving and filing.

Have International Tax Knowledge?

It is not an uncommon situation in present day society that many individuals have incomes from two or more countries, foreign assets and accounts. This results in the individual being prone to the tax laws of two countries and even filing tax returns in two countries. The tax expert you choose to handle your tax filing and planning, should not only have knowledge about the resident country in which you are filing, but the tax laws, deductions and savings applicable in the respective foreign country also. Check to see if your tax expert has international tax knowledge and experience.

H&R Block India has tax experts that are experienced in international tax laws and have years of handling clients globally. Your unique situation will be handled delicately, ensuring that you are compliant with the tax laws of each country. Additionally, your personal tax expert will ensure you benefit of tax saving provisions available as a global taxpayer, while minimizing your taxes payable, all under one roof.

Year-Round Support

Your interaction with your tax expert should not end with the completion of your tax return filing. For any queries you have throughout the year in regard to tax planning or savings, you should be able to consult with your tax expert, who is readily available to assist you. Are you able to access your tax expert throughout the year for any queries or issues?

The experts at H&R Block India, are not only available throughout the year for any queries, such as, if a tax notice should arise from the Income Tax Department for the tax return filed. Specialized tax experts at H&R Block India specialize in handling notices sent by the ITD and will be available to resolve your issue year-round.

Be Aware of Technological Changes?

With everything moving online, the filing of taxes is now more easily done online and preferable. However, the security and protection of sensitive information, such as your earnings and investments, means your tax expert should not only be open to the latest technological changes but aware of internet security protocols, so that the sensitive information of the client is not at risk. Before choosing your tax expert, ensure your private and sensitive information is protected.

As per the stringent IT security measures followed by all H&R Block divisions, your data is safe and secure with 128-bit encryption technologies. Your sensitive data will never be compromised or shared with anyone else, outside of H&R Block. The team of data security experts work year-round protecting your data by enforcing and following the latest IT security protocols. The only person who will be aware of your information is you and your tax expert. You never need to spread your sensitive financial information between different tax professionals. Avail the expertise of the experienced international tax professionals at H&R Block India and ease your mind of tax planning, tax saving investments and tax return filing.


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