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Now e-Verify Returns Using Your Bank or Demat Account Details


Now E-Verify Returns Using Your Bank or Demat Account Details


During the tax-filing period of 2015, the Income Tax Department inched a step closer to taking the entire e-filing procedure paperless and thoroughly online. This was achieved by launching a facility of electronic verification of returns electronically filed through the Income Tax e-filing portal.

Multiple sources helped a tax filer generate the 10-digit alpha numeric e-verification code (EVC) in July 2015.  One could generate it through net banking, using Aadhar card or even through the bank’s ATM channel. So far, 52.72 lakh returns have been e-verified of which 40.53 lakh returns were e-verified using Aadhar card during the year as per data provided by the  website.

This month the Central Board of Direct Taxes has added two more ways of e-verifying the returns filed electronically.

The Tax Department has said that one can pre-validate either the Bank Account details or the Demat Account Details with the income tax e-filing website. Once the pre-validation is successful, the tax filer would be given an option to “Generate EVC using bank account details,” or to “Generate EVC using demat account details.” Once validated then the EVC would be sent to the mobile number and email address registered with either the bank or the demat account service provider, based on the option chosen.

This pre-validation has to be done by logging in to your account. Keep the following handy to pre-validate:

For Bank Account pre-validation: Bank account number, IFSC, email address registered with the bank and mobile number registered with the bank, PAN and name as used for filing returns.

For Demat Account pre-validation: Demat Account Number, registered email address and registered mobile number, PAN and name as used to file returns.


Here are the steps to pre-validate:

Step 1: Login to portal using your PAN, date of birth etc.

Step 2: Select the 6th option on the main blue menu bar titled “Profile Setting”

Step 3: Go to the option “Update Bank Account details” or “Update Demat Account Details”

Step 4: Click on “Generate EVC using Bank Account details or “Generate EVC using Demat Account details” while verifying returns

Step 5: Check your registered email address or registered mobile number and find the 10-digit alpha-numeric e-verification code sent to you.

Step 6: Enter the EVC and e-verify returns within 72 hours of generation.

The good news is that one can e-verify either while uploading the return or even after you have uploaded your return.

If you haven’t yet e-verified your returns after filing them then you can e-verify returns, uploaded within the past 120 days. Note that returns that aren’t verified either electronically or physically by sending the ITR-V to the Bangalore CPC are considered invalid and need to be filed again.


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