Benefits of Invoice Matching with earlyGST Reconciliation Service
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Advantages of Invoice Matching with H&R Block’s GST Reconciliation Service


Mistakes happen in life.  It is the lessons we learn from the mistakes which helps as evolve as human beings, if you are willing to learn and grow.  However, not all mistakes are blessings in disguises, containing lessons.  Some mistakes can be avoided, such as the mistakes during GST Reconciliation.  The filing of GSTR 2 to avail input tax credits, can be a seamless and smooth process if the invoice details uploaded are verified and mistakes corrected before filing.  GST Reconciliation Service with earlyGST can help create this smooth process so that you can easily continue with business as usual and avail of the input tax credits due to you.

What we offer?

For businesses of all sizes, the GST Reconciliation services provided by the experts of earlyGST, will ensure that all the details of the invoices are checked and corrected before filing your returns, so that input tax credits (ITC) can be availed.  Your personal tax experts will contact the vendors to solve any discrepancies found in the invoices, captured by our reconciliation software, SmartRec.  Your own personal team of experts will compare GSTR 2A with the purchase register of the vendor and prioritize invoice mismatches, create a summary report and resolve them based on their impact on input tax credit by following up with vendors and ensure timely filing of GSTR 2.  Additionally, with regular filing, we will share with you the ratings of the vendors appropriate for your business needs, so that you can conduct your daily transactions with vendors with compliance ratings.  This will ensure you never miss out on any input credits or have invoice mismatches.

Why choose earlyGST by H&R Block India for GST Reconciliation?

Advantages of GST Reconciliation with earlyGST by H&R Block

As a business owner, it can become difficult to keep up to date with all the amendments made to the GST laws, filing procedures, dates etc.  By handing over the task of reconciliation you can count on your team of GST experts at earlyGST to:

  1. File returns accurately and in a timely manner – by reconciling your invoices with your vendors before filing to avoid errors.
  2. Preemptive Solutions – In case of audits or notices due to invoice mismatches found, it may lead to time consuming reconciliation and heavy financial penalties.  Your personal team of experts will take care your GST reconciliation is done monthly and all the data is available at your fingers, should the authorities want them.
  3. Working Capital Solutions – When the taxable amount you had calculated, minus input tax credit deductions, runs higher than expected, it can lead to a cash crunches which can be hard to manage.  Your team at earlyGST will help you resolve these solutions before the possibility of such an error can occur.
  4. Save your time -Your own team of experts to address mismatches and implement the solutions needed to ensure input tax credits
  5. Confidential & Secure – We observe strict security protocols and are ISO 27001 certified
  6. Deliver your credits – Our knowledgeable team and specially designed software will ensure you get your all your input tax credits without delays.

Your time is valuable and should be focused on developing your business instead of trying to keep yourself updated with all the changes in GST laws and filing of monthly & quarterly returns.  Let the GST experts at  H&R Block take care of your reconciliation needs in real time.

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CA Ankita Mathur
CA Ankita Mathur
Ankita, a Big 4 alumna, is a tax expert at H&R Block (India) with vast experience in managing GST-related business services. An avid traveller, Ankita is a regular contributor to the CAclubindia and loves helping people understand about GST and helping companies be GST compliant.