How to file income tax returns online with H&R Block?
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July 14, 2015
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How to file income tax returns online with H&R Block?

Online Income Tax Filing With H&R Block


Would you believe us if we said elephants are scared of bees? Would you then suspect our motives then, if we told you tax-filing isn’t a cumbersome procedure any more? You can wash your hands off the once-in-a-year task in a day. Impossible you would say!

But you can try it for yourself through the special H&R Block online assisted tax-filing facility, developed for individuals like you who want to concentrate on making more money than putting in precious hours on accounting for the past year’s income.

Visit us here and get going. You just need your email address and a password to sign up. Keep this password in mind as you would need to trace the filed returns. To retrieve the password however, isn’t that difficult if you set the secret question and the fill the answer when required.

To help us gauge the tax form that would need to be filled for you, you need to help us know your sources of income, by choosing the easy-to-select options. Let’s handhold you through the online-return filing procedure:

Step 1: Register and Login to the H&R Block Account

Use your email address, key in a password and confirm it. Also select your secret question that could help you retrieve your password lest you forget it.

Step 2: Select the year for which you need to file returns

Here we have made it easy for you by offering the option of financial year. So just select FY 2014-15 to file for this year’s returns and 2013-14 to file late returns for last year.

Step 3: Five easy questions

  • A. Select Job changes during the year
    You need to select whether you served one company or have switched jobs midway through the year. If you didn’t earn any salary then you can select the third option.
  • B. Work locations
    This year onward you need to specify if you have income from India or other countries as additional details have been solicited in tax returns this year. Select whether you worked in India alone or a foreign land or both.
  • C. Salary in India or abroad?
    You need to indicate whether your salary income was received in a. Only India, b. Only Abroad c. Both India and Abroad.
  • D. Properties owned
    The forms and the taxation would be different based on whether you own one house alone or more. Select a. May own in future, b. Own 1 house, c. Owned 2 or more houses.
  • E. Additional Income details
    Apart from the basic income if there are additional gains or losses made during the year you need to inform the tax expert to include them in your return. Here you can select multiple options off: a. Savings account and FD interest, b. Gains on sale of land or house, c. Gains on sale of mutual fund, shares or others, d. Other income such as pension, commission etc. e. Losses of earlier year or foreign assets and income to declare. If you don’t have any of these income or losses, then select the last option f. None of the above.

Don’t fret if you forgot about some income sources mid-way through, you can always correct your options. Backtracking is easy with our flow chart format designed to keep tax-filing related complications at bay.

The screen at this step would look like the one given below. The questions on this screen appear one after the other as you answer each question to offer you a smooth sailing experience.


Step 4: Upload documents

To help us accurately file the tax returns and save you the arduous task of looking for various fields and filling in the details, we have a facility where you can upload documents such as Form 16 , TDS Certificates, Bank Account statements. If you don’t have all documents at one go, you can upload those handy and send the others during the next login. If you couldn’t upload the tax documents then you can email them to the address

Once you inform us how you won your bread and butter during the financial year 2014-15, we would be able to give you an estimate of the return filing cost for you.


Step 5: Personal details



After uploading the Form 16 and other relevant documents, all you need to do is help us with your personal details namely name, address, birth date, Aadhar and Passport number. Voila! Your task ends there.

Once you enter all your personal details your fee will be calculated and appear on the screen. If you agree, click the proceed button and you will be assigned a tax advisor whose name will appear on the screen.

Returns in making

From this step onward our trained tax experts would be taking note of your tax filing request and get on their feet instantaneously to file your accurate returns for the relevant tax assessment year of 2015-16, based on the documents uploaded. Your returns would be filed within 24 hours, come hell or high water.

Tracking the status of your return filing is easy as the special tax expert allocated to you is merely a phone call away. Yes, you can contact the tax expert at the number provided at the end of submitting details – 022 30038111. If you wish to locate the documents you have uploaded or those sent by H&R Block to you, you can login anytime and click on “my Tax Documents” to get a complete view.

Our tax expert would create the draft returns. You can call out the last hurrah once you vet the draft returns sent across by your tax expert. Before you can say jack knife your returns would be filed.


You will then receive a copy of ITR V within a short span of time. This ITR can then be either verified physically by sending a signed ITR V to H&R Block or you may also e-verify on the government’s e-filing portal by following some simple steps that are provided to you by our tax experts.


  • Smart and Hassle-free tax filing experience withdedicated tax expert
  • 100% Secure Online Tax Vault to store all your documents
  • Year-round post filing support
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