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How to Enroll in GST?

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Goods and service tax came in force on 1st July 2017. It is an indirect tax, replacing all other taxes, and was introduced with the main objective to avoid tax on tax, which cascades from the manufacturer to the end consumer. GST is ultimately paid by the last consumer and charged from supplier to receiver. In effect, GST provides revenue for the government. The idea behind introducing GST was to reduce complexities and compliances for doing business in India. And that is how GST is looked up as One Country, One Tax.

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Enrolled persons under GST are known as taxable persons or registered taxpayers. Various criteria like annual turnover, business activity or transactions define a taxable person. Also, any person having registered under the pre-GST law as on the date of GST enforcement will automatically be a taxable person. In cases where the annual turnover of the business in India except North Eastern states exceeds Rs.20 Lakhs, GST enrollment is mandatory. If potential taxpayers fail to enroll under GST, they may lose on the benefit of providing as well as availing Input Tax Credit. So, this means, they will have to bear the cost of taxes out of their pockets. To avail benefits and reduce the burden, one can enroll him/herself with the steps given below.

  1. Login using the provisional ID provided by VAT authorities.
  2. Verify your identity through an OTP and create username password for your account.
  3. Register your digital signature
  4. Fill up the enrollment form, submit your documents and authenticate through digital signature.

The documents required for enrollment are:

  1. PAN Card of the business and applicant
  2. Valid Indian Phone Number and Email address
  3. Proof of place of business
  4. Valid bank account number from India

You can always refer our guide for detailed information on documentation requirements.

GST is a new law with many complexities that can leave you confused, however, you can leave the hassle of your GST enrollment, compliance and reconciliation with your personal GST experts at H&R Block So that you can do your business, and we will do your GST.

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CA Ankita Mathur
CA Ankita Mathur
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