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July 21, 2017
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July 25, 2017

E-filing taxes vs Manual filing of taxes

e-Filing Vs Manual Tax Filing

E-filing vs manual filing of taxes

Tax filing due date is round the corner and many are still looking for answers to their doubts on tax filing. It’s the age of online transactions where we communicate, shop, bank and transact everything online. So why not file taxes online?

There are numerous benefits of filing taxes online as opposed to doing them manually. We bring you a list of reasons that will justify our stand.

Access to the Records

When you file taxes online you generally upload all our documents at one place and hence these are accessible anywhere and anytime.

As opposed to this, when you file taxes manually it is a bit difficult to access the physical records in case of urgency. You may have to dig through all past records at times to file your taxes.

Tracking the status of Return Processing

Online filing comes with the benefit of tracking the status of your return processing. This helps you track whether your return has been received by the ITD, processed and whether your refund is being processed if you have claimed one.

Status of the physically filed returns cannot be tracked online. The communication for manually filed returns happens only in physical form through postal services. Hence you may have to keep waiting to receive your status on whether your return has been processed or not.

Ease of preparation

Once you have e-filed your return, your data is saved on the online portal. Hence filing returns the next time is quick and simplified since the basic data can be auto-populated from old records.

When you file tax returns manually, you may have to fill the bulky return forms manually and a single mistake can lead to huge tax liability.

Reduction in Calculation errors

Due to inbuilt data validation and tax calculation program, the error in tax calculations is nullified.

In physical tax return filing, one has to calculate the income, deductions, and tax figures themselves which may many times result in some or other error.

Quick refund

Online tax filing comes with the benefit of quick and hassle free tax refunds. Refunds get processed faster with online filing of tax returns.

On the other hand, when you manually file your taxes there might be a delay in processing of return and payment of refunds.

Convenience in submission

When the tax filing due date approaches near, people throng tax offices in hundreds. However when you file taxes online you need not wait in long queues in order to file your physical tax return.

Manual tax return filing requires you to wait in long queues in tax offices for submission of return.

Revising for errors

When you e-file your tax returns you can easily review or revise them later. Just change the information concerned and upload the forms again.

Physically filed returns can be revised only by filing another physical form with the Jurisdictional AO. This might be tedious and time consuming.


The last step in filing your tax returns is to verify these returns. E- verification of ITR is the most convenient service that saves you a lot of time by taking away the hassle of sending the physical ITR V to CPC Bengaluru.

When you physical file your returns, you cannot e-verify them.

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H&R Block India
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