Common Errors Encountered in Saving Data to GSTN Through Excel
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Common Errors faced by Tax payers: Saving Data to GSTN in Excel

This article delineates the common errors which are encountered while uploading and saving the data on invoices to GSTN through the Offline Excel Utility.  GSTN has released the user manual, addressing the solutions for errors encountered. In this article, we will look at the commonly faced errors and the precautions to be taken while entering/saving the data.

Here is a list of some commonly faced errors and the precautions that you need to take in order to avoid them:

1) Error – Date format

Precaution – Please ensure you are entering the date in the correct format. Expected formats are dd-mm-yyyy.

2) Error – Value less than Rs 2,50,000/- in case B2CL interstate supply to unregistered person

Precaution – Invoice Upload/Download Offline Tool may not be able to validate the GSTIN whether the same is active or inactive on the day of data entry but an error is displayed in case the same is not in the standard format.

Similarly, if an invoice is uploaded twice in the same tax period in the tool, then an error is displayed. However, if the same invoice is existing in the earlier tax period then the tool may not be able to identify the duplication and error message will be populated only when the return is uploaded to the GST portal.

3) Error – HSN and SAC field error

Precaution – If anything is entered other than the numeric value in the HSN/SAC of supply field, then the tool displays an error.

4) Error – Dates and formatting errors

Precaution – If excel or csv files contain future dates or if the format of the data is not correct, then the tool displays an error.

Some other general mistakes:

  • If date of invoice is after the date of tax period
  • Receiver GSTIN is same as supplier
  • No invoice exists against corresponding credit/debit note in case of supplies to registered taxpayers or interstate large customers
  • Shipping bill date is prior to the date of invoice.

The taxpayers shall take care of the above mentioned commonly faced errors while uploading and saving the invoice data on GSTN common portal using excel offline tool.

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CA Ankita Mathur
CA Ankita Mathur
Ankita, a Big 4 alumna, is a tax expert at H&R Block (India) with vast experience in managing GST-related business services. An avid traveller, Ankita is a regular contributor to the CAclubindia and loves helping people understand about GST and helping companies be GST compliant.