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Check if your Bill has Fake or Real GSTIN

Now a days various restaurants and businesses are putting fake GST number on the bills and charging extra from the customers without registering with the GST department. In this article we will tell you about the method of checking the validity of the GST number. You will be able to check the validity of GSTIN mentioned on any bill in just 30 seconds with 2 clicks.

GST is now a reality and almost everywhere GST is charged. You can see that suddenly those restaurants who never mentioned any taxes in their bills have also started adding 18% more on the bill on the name of CGST and SGST.

How are you cheated with fake GSTIN on bills?

GST is a big reform in the country and while the government claims that it’s a simple tax, there are lots of inherent complications to this taxation system. A common man thinks that now everything has got costly by an extra 12% or 18% (especially in smaller cities).

One of my friend in Varanasi told me that a small shop near his place is charging extra Rs 2 on a packet of biscuits now telling the poor customers that its GST tax which is now to be paid.

While that’s an example of a mid-level city, many restaurants have also started putting fake GST number on the bill and have started charging extra taxes which they will never deposit to anyone.

Remedy – Verify GSTIN Online

Verifying GST Identification Number online is a very simple procedure. First of all, you need to check the GST Identification Number on the receipt. Its 100% mandatory to mention GST number on the invoice or bill.

If someone is charging GST, without mentioning the GSTIN, then it’s illegal. Earlier it was service tax, now its GSTIN which must be mandatorily put on the invoice.

Steps to Check the Validity of GSTIN

Follow the given steps to check the validity of GST Identification Number:

  1. Check the GSTIN on the bill and note it down
  2. Visit this page of GST website and enter the GSTIN as shown below
  3. Enter Captcha and press Submit.
  4. You will see the business name registered, match it with the name of business on invoice

What if a Business Charging GST does not have GSTIN?

Some businesses still don’t have the registration number confirmed, but they have the provisional GSTIN with them, so you can also check the provisional GSTIN online and verify them. Even you can verify the business based on their PAN.

Some shopkeepers and business owners are playing the trick of “I have already applied for GSTIN, Its not yet approved?” This is to give a feeling to customer that they are rightfully charging GST. But this is again a fraud. Because when they apply for GSTIN, they get a provisional GSTIN anyways and they need to either put a GSTIN or provisional GSTIN on the invoice/bill. Don’t fall for this trap and demand to see the GSTIN.

Steps to verify GSTIN in this case

  1. Go to GSTN website and you will be asked various details which you need to enter.
  2. Here you need to fill the data required correctly i.e. state, ID type (PAN number, GST number or Provisional ID), ID number and verification code. At last click on submit and then scroll down to see the details of the registered business.
  3. This is how you can verify if GST number is valid or not with the help of provisional ID or PAN number. As of now there is no way of finding or verifying the GSTIN just by entering the name of the business entity.

Structure of GSTIN

It’s an important point to know that GSTIN is of 15 characters which is a combination of numbers and characters. These 15 digits are broken into 5 parts as follows:

  • First 2 digits are state code where the business is registered
  • Next 10 digits are PAN number of the business
  • 13th digit is registration number of that store or business with same PAN number
  • 14th digit is Z by default for right now
  • And the last i.e. 15th digit is a check code

Where to register complaint regarding fake GSTIN?

GST department has dedicated the helplines for you to complain or ask any queries regarding GST. Here are the emails and phone numbers:

  • GST Complaint mail id:
  • GST Helpline Number: 0124-4688999 or 0120-4888999

Have you Filed your GST Returns Yet?

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Neha Joshi
Neha Joshi
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