Sparta had their 300 and H&R Block has their too

Sep 30 2015,

Do not mistake these for fighters. We are in fact talking about a robust and extremely efficient tax pros team that was employed by H&R Block to help fight the tax war for the army of tax payers across India. When it comes to filing income tax returns for individuals, H&R Block simply emerges as the global leader. It has completed yet another highly successful Tax Season on 7th September 2015, with more than 100,000 returns filed for tax payers across India. From Delhi to Pratapgarh, from Mumbai to Durg, from Chennai to Dharmavaram and from Agra to Agartala, the gigantic 300 plus team at H&R Block has served them all in their 4th Tax Season this year. What was it that made the tax season a huge success yet again? With more than 8,000 great reviews on customer gauge and an ever increasing base of satisfied customers who vouch for the stellar client experience that they receive at H&R Block, it is simply the best tax return preparer around.


With the best intuitive online platform that supports e-filing in a convenient and secure manner, H&R Block has emerged as the largest Online Assisted consumer tax return preparer in India over the years. Let us understand who makes this service so accurate and dependable. This service is provided by highly trained and technically expert tax advisors who prepare and file income tax returns for clients. This facility is offered completely online and is accessible to clients from the comfort of their home or offices, which is the USP of the service. In order to make this possible H&R Block employed a massive team of 300 plus tax professionals across various locations in India to serve the Tax Season 2015. These included qualified and experienced chartered accountants, finance professionals, and tax professionals. These professionals were extensively trained by industry experts on taxation.


H&R Block has always believed in doing the right thing which is also one of its core values. It echoes this in the way it handles clients as well as how it builds its team of expert tax advisors. H&R Block meticulously trained this huge team of 300 plus tax advisors in-house for an extensive period of 100 hours. Their training included learning all about the in-house designed tax return preparation application, learning the latest tax laws and preparation of tax returns in the most efficient manner. These tax advisors had to undergo a rigorous training and successfully pass a specially designed online assessment test. Additionally, they were provided simulation training of preparing client tax returns. Apart from this, on the job training was also provided where experienced and senior tax advisors made sure that clients were handled well and tax returns were prepared with 100% accuracy.


H&R Block’s very own 300 plus determined soldiers stood tall through the tax season and made sure that they conquer it for the tax payers. Each and every client return was prepared in-house by these highly trained tax pros keeping in line with the strict quality standards and accuracy akin to H&R Block as a brand. The 300 Spartans do have a competition here!


Source: The Telegraph

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