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Aug 1 2016,

 It exciting personal assistant programs are emerging, where a practical material that may be used in ordinary life is turned into by cutting edge artificial intelligence. These programs are for 24×7 individual support and contain attributes which make our lives simpler.

Help chat: Helpchat is India’s largest AI-powered trades platform that is personalized.

Portea: Portea’s mobile program lets you handle health care the manner that is smarter. Now, fix on the move! Be it paying online, chatting with a physician, reserving a health care service or keeping health records, the cellular program makes all of these simple and away from home.

TaxChat: First-of-its-kind, a ground-breaking mobile program in the self-tax filing stadium, native and futuristic.

The Program can also be empowered with referral and customer feedback mechanics for spreading the word that was good. Leveraging the chatting skill of a person, this program was made to incorporate convenience and ease for doing it yourself tax filers.

Haptik: Haptik is an army of individuals that are actual, solving serious issues instantly. By availing the help you and Haptik Helper can tend to the essential things in life. It is quick, private, dependable and hassle-free. Haptik alters the way in which you’d get work done – through chat. They allow you to locate the finest plan that is the cellular telephone, file a complaint or service request, internet check in, make a restaurant booking, locate the best shopping bargains and coupons.

GoodService: GoodService acts as your private delivery boy. Additionally, it may help to reserve movie tickets or fix a meeting with your physician.

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